Design Challenge Two


Your second challenge is to create one fabric design that embodies the industrial revolution.  The industrial revolution is marked by the shift in production from homes to factories.  The production of many goods moved from within the hands of homemakers to the modern machines of the 1800s.  Mechanization of life paved the way for the technological revolution we are currently living in.

An example of the effect of the industrial revolution exists within quiltmaking.  The ability to weave and print yardage quickly allowed for individuals of a broad socioeconomic spectrum to participate in quilting.  The mechanization of thread production allowed quilters ample supplies for complicated piecing requiring an abundance of thread.  Imagine producing your own thread for an entire quilt or trading three chickens for a spool of thread to mend your britches (trading value is of course, approximate and possibly exaggerated).  Fast forward to today and you are able to order digitally printed fabric on demand from Spoonflower.  From design to production to use in quilts, materials can be produced in mere days…

Design one fabric that embodies the shifts, gains, and changes of the industrial revolution.  Submit three color ways of this design.  Guest Judges are Mary Ourecky and Julie Owens. Designs are due by 12:00AM EST on April 11, 2012.  Two designers will be eliminated in April.


Emelia Haglund – Winner

Jacquard, Colorway Three/Single Repeat – WINNER!

Jacquard, Colorway Two/Single Repeat – WINNER!

Emelia Haglund, Jacquard fabric, weaving

Jacquard, Colorway One/Fat Quarter – WINNER!

Michele Rosenboom – Reader’s Choice Award

Mechanized Revolution, Colorway One/Fat Quarter

Mechanized Revolution, Colorway Three/Single Repeat

Mechanized Revolution, Colorway Two/Single Repeat

Krissy Callahan

Hustle and Bustle, Colorway Three/Fat Quarter

Krissy Callahan, The Printed Bolt, Industrial revolution, phonograph, dynamite, sewing machine

Hustle and Bustle, Colorway Two/Fat Quarter

Hustle and Bustle, Colorway One/Fat Quarter

Jessica Pollak

Sewing Machine, Colorway One/Fat Quarter

zinger fabric, craft fabric, sewing machine, jessica pollak, the printed bolt, industrial revolution

Sewing Machine, Colorway Three/Single Repeat

Sewing Machine, Colorway Two/Single Repeat

Krishna Chavda

Looming Large, Colorway One/Fat Quarter

Looming Large, Colorway Two/Detail

Looming Large, Colorway Three/Detail

Tammie Bennett

Mesh, Colorway One-Night/Fat Quarter

Tammie Bennett, mesh, linen fabric

Mesh, Colorway Two-Revival/Single Repeat

mesh, industrial revolution, woven linen, tammie bennett, the printed bolt

Mesh, Colorway Three-Hum/Single Repeat

Leah Sorensen-Hayes – Eliminated

Mold Cast Die, Colorway One/Fat Quarter

Mold Cast Die, Colorway Two/Single Repeat

Mold Cast Die, Colorway Three/Single Repeat

Emily Herr – Eliminated

Industrial Pattern, Colorway One/Fat Quarter


3 comments on “Design Challenge Two

  1. Can anyone participate in the monthl challenges? If so, I would like to submit design for next month.

    • The Printed Bolt on said:

      Hi Shannon, thank you for your interest in REPEAT. For this season of REPEAT (March-August) we have already selected our designers. We select ten designers based on submitted portfolios and they compete in six challenges with monthly eliminations. For future contest opportunities, stay tuned to our blog and facebook page.
      Thanks, Madeleine

  2. Thanks for the update. I will keep watching!

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