Some final words: Rebecca Ng


rebeccang-thumbThe Printed Bolt Repeat(ed) competition has been such a fantastic experience and I am definitely blown away by being judged the winner! Many thanks to the judges this round – Michele, Kathy and Sarah for your feedback; I feel a lot more confident and ready to start creating another collection for my folio… I just have to find my next inspiration.

Before the competition started, I had only been doing little bits of surface pattern designing, but didn’t really have a direction or felt confident of what my style was. The judges feedback each round was really encouraging and helped me to think a little more conceptually and try something different, which has really helped me form my style. I really hope that I’ll be able to get my work out there and it’d be so exciting to have a real collection printed one day!

Again, I just want to thank Ellen and Madeleine for putting together such a brilliant competition – just having the opportunity to have our work published online and reviewed by judges in the industry each challenge has been such a privilege. I hope you continue the competition next year to give another 10 designers such a great opportunity.

I wish the other Repeat(ed) designers all the best in following their design dreams – and especially to Alice and Kim, who produced some beautiful work in the final round and who were so supportive throughout.

For those who want to see me continue my journey, I would love for you to visit my website Fabric Drawer ( or like my Facebook page (

Thanks for all the support along the way – hopefully this is just the beginning of lots more pattern designing!!

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Final Round Reflections: Kathy Mack

kathymack_biopicCongratulations to Rebecca, Kim, and Alice for making it to the final round of the competition. Each an amazing talent in her own right.

I was most impressed that the designers successfully developed and delivered her own signature style in each of the collections throughout the competition. Standing out from the crowd and really making the designs their own.

What I have always loved most about The Printed Bolt Repeat contest is the stories that get told along side the art. It’s wonderful to read about the process and the inspiration behind the designs. I get to join in on the adventurous journey.

Each fabric collection that eventually comes to market enriches our creative palette with imagery of a tale that tells a story with color and design. As sewists, we in turn take that fabric and tell a new story of our own making. I find this to be a truly unique aspect of fabric design and production. One reason I love the industry so earnestly. It is a process rich with beauty, heart, emotion, love and warmth. From an idea’s inception by the artist to the final project by the maker, we each join in and contribute to the creation of something uniquely beautiful.

Thanks to Ellen and Madeline for hosting and to all the talented artist designers that participated in Repeat(ed). It was a joy to participate as a judge and be inspired by all the emerging artistic talent.

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Final Round Reflections: Sarah Watson

SarahFirst, congratulations to Rebecca, what a beautiful final collection, the color choices were so on target and fresh, your theme was heartfelt, and you translated it so beautifully into four unique and cohesive prints. Second, congratulations to all of you who participated. Repeat(ed) is an amazing opportunity, and kudos to you for putting yourself out there, and pouring time and energy into this competition. Sometimes it can be very intimidating to put your work out there for everyone to judge. But to be a part of this industry, it’s what you have to do. And wonderful opportunities like repeat(ed) give you the feedback you need to take your designs and improve. I’m sure you all have noticed the thought that was put into these challenge themes, putting together a collection, using inspiration you’ve found to create a print, or taking a theme that’s been given to you for inspiration. These are all extremely important components of a successful print portfolio.

To the three finalists, just a few things. You three have certainly come into your own styles. I encourage you to keep as creative as you have time to be, and develop those styles every day. Take what you’ve learned here and keep going with your work. You’re three very talented people, I’d love to see more of your work in the surface design arena. Congratulations, and best of luck to all contestants in the future. I can’t wait to see what you guys do next!

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Final Round Reflections: Michele Rosenboom

Michele Profile Pic 3x4Congratulations to Rebecca for winning the REPEAT(ed) competition!!! Rebecca’s submission for this round was a winner through and through. I loved the story she told and the way she translated that graphically into designs for fabric. Pouring a bit of yourself into your work is the best way to produce authentic work. Rebecca’s collection exemplified this perfectly. Her conceptual work is right on and it’s been a delight to watch her hone that skill throughout the competition. She has a delightful aesthetic that I think has a broad appeal and I look forward to following her progress as an artist.

Alice’s Cuppa collection was quite nice, as well. The color palette was fresh and she kept a pleasing distance from her inspiration. By choosing something that she was personally passionate about (tea!), she was able to naturally put her heart into the design…and that showed. I’ve really enjoyed watching and reading her work throughout the competition and I hope she uses this experience as a springboard toward more beautiful work.

Kim’s Tidal Lace pattern really wow-ed me. I really appreciate the work that went into that piece! Kim has incredible technical skills and a keen eye for design that are going to take her far. She’s produced some really beautiful work during REPEAT(ed), and I can’t wait to see what she’s going to design next!

My hope is that all the REPEAT(ed) designers are walking away with more…More experience, more work in their portfolio, and a little something to put on their resume. In addition, I hope it has helped designers think about what makes your work “yours”, what you want your work to be about, and how you want to achieve that.

The printed bolt is awesome and sincere thanks to Madeline and Ellen for this fantastic brain child they’ve birthed! What a valuable platform for all of these designers…thanks for giving designers that aren’t yet established a chance to shine!

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And the WINNER of REPEAT(ed) is…

A Journey Back In Time

A Journey Back In Time

rebeccang-thumbCongratulations to Rebecca Ng! Rebecca’s final collection “A Journey Back in Time” wowed everyone.  Here’s what the judges had to say:

You have done wonderful work, and I am enamored with your final entry. Your color choices are stunning, you have a well developed theme which you have communicated verbally as well as visually. – Sarah Watson

What a beautiful, heart-felt collection! I love the expression of a life lived, a memory honored, and the connections you drew between your own life and your grandmother’s. -Michele Rosenboom

Wow. I immediately fell in love with this collection. I make buying decisions by my initial gut reaction and analyze later. I really like the depth of design in this collection and the cohesiveness of pattern and color. It works! – Kathy Mack

A huge round of applause for each of the final three designers who all created amazing collections.  While Rebecca captured the judges, Kim won the final Reader’s Choice Award. We appreciate all the hard work from all the REPEAT(ed) contenders, especially the final three who’ve been working away on their collections over the last few weeks.

Rebecca, Kim, and Alice all have so much talent.  We hope that participating in REPEAT(ed) has been a rewarding piece of your design journey, and we can’t wait to see what’s next for each of you.

Big thanks to Michele Rosenboom who has participated as a judge in each round of REPEAT(ed).  Michele’s thoughtful feedback from challenge to challenge has been great. Michele was joined for the final round of judging by Sarah Watson and Kathy Mack – two awesome ladies with loads of experience in the fabric design/quilting world.  Their feedback will be especially useful to the final three as they jump into the “real” world!

Stay tuned this week for final thoughts from all the judges!


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Vote Now!

Which designer has blown you away?  Vote for your favorite designs below between now and Sunday, July 21st at noon!

We’ll reveal the winner on Monday, July 22nd …

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Final Design Challenge: Alice Murphy


Introducing my final collection – Cuppa!

Glass of Chrysanthemums - 14" x 14"

Cup of Chrysanthemums – 14″ x 14″

Wash - 10" x 10"

Washi – 10″ x 10″

Rolling Leaves - 10" x 10"

Jasmine Pearls – 10″ x 10″

Buncheong Blooms

Buncheong Blooms – 10″ x 10″

Glass of Chrysanthemums – 4.5″ x 4.5″

Glass of Chrysanthemums – 4.5″ x 4.5″

Washi - 4.5" x 4.5"

Washi – 4.5″ x 4.5″

Jasmine Pearls - 4.5" x 4.5"

Jasmine Pearls – 4.5″ x 4.5″

Buncheong Blooms - 4.5" x 4.5"

Buncheong Blooms – 4.5″ x 4.5″

alice2-300x300There are some words that I use all the time but I don’t really know if they are common in other english speaking countries or not. Cuppa certainly has british roots and is commonly said in Australia, but would people in the states know what I’m talking about? Or does it make as much sense as talking about a tuckshop or my togs? In any case, a cuppa is a cup of tea and I’ve just settled in with my 5th for the day, or maybe it is my the 6th, it can be difficult to keep track! There is much to love about tea and with so much variety, I had such a great time sipping my way through this challenge. Smokey lapsang souchong, delicate pai mu tan, complex darjeeling, soft hand rolled jasmine pearls, rich oolong, zesty early grey…. I really think there is something for everyone in the world of tea!

Although it is not technically tea (I’m no purest, if you steep it in water and drink it you can call it tea in my eyes), dried chrysanthemum flowers not only make a lovely drink but also look magical bobbing around in a cup or pot . Blooming green tea balls and floating chrysanthemum flowers were the starting point for this collection and the inspiration behind the first print Cup of Chrysanthemums. I really loved playing with shapes and angles in the last challenge but after a few hours of trying to get a variety of shapes and sizes working on the computer I realised I’d have to put pen to paper and draw the entire repeat by hand first rather than just motifs like I tend to do. Delicate carefully hand rolled jasmine pearl tea leaves contrasted against ridged straight gyokuro leaves were the inspiration behind the third print Jasmine Pearls.

Inspiration images [Source: clockwise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Inspiration images
[sources: clockwise 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]

Almost as fun as drinking tea is collecting tea thingsUnfortunately my collection of tea pots and cups are in storage at the moment but they were an early reference for this collection. Surface patterning on tea ceramics and storage really captivates me and the second pattern, Washi, was inspired by Japanese washi paper tea storage canisters, the final pattern in the collection, Buncheong Blooms, is reminiscent of Buncheong ware, a Korean form of stoneware and also references the chrysanthemum motif of the primary print.

A huge thank you again to Ellen and Madeleine for hosting such a great competition and especially for selecting me to participate and to share my work. Also a huge thank you to the other contestants for sharing their work and design process, as well as support and encouragement as the deadlines loomed closer each round. And of course thank you to everyone who has looked at my work here or written kind comments. Being a part of repeat(ed) has been amazing. I’ve learned far more than I ever imagined about repeats, colour, quilting and the fabric design industry.

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Design Challenge Five: Rebecca Ng

rebeccang-thumbI write this blog post with a tinge of sadness. It’s hard to believe that this is the FINAL challenge and also my final post. The Printed Bolt Repeat(ed) Competition has kind of become part of my life since it started earlier this year. It has been an amazing journey, but as we all know, good things must come to an end. I just want to say a huge thank you to Ellen and Madeleine for running such a wonderful competition and for selecting me to participate. Also, a huge thank you to the wonderful insights, feedback and encouragement from the guest judges and regular judge, Michele Rosenboom. And, for all those who have read the blog posts, voted and/or commented… it’s all been very much appreciated!

So, with all that said (or, rather written), I should get back to presenting my final collection, A Journey Back In Time.

A Journey Back In Time

A Journey Back In Time

Just to re-visit my previous post, my grandmother was the inspiration behind my final collection. She sadly passed away earlier this year, not long after I returned to Jakarta and unfortunately I wasn’t able to get back home in time to say my goodbyes. Seeing as so much of the inspiration behind my designs in this competition has been personal, choosing my grandmother seemed fitting.

To be honest, despite spending lots of time in the presence of my grandmother in her later years, I actually don’t know a lot about her life. As she got older, life became more about dealing with the day-to-day routine and less about reminiscing about her past. Also, there was the language barrier. Her limited English and my hopeless knowledge of Cantonese meant communicating with her was a challenge. I’ve relied and my mother and relatives to piece together bits of her life.

The patterns in my final collection are not so much a reflection of her, but draw on a few snippets of her life, some aspects of which I could also relate to in a way – I hope that she would have liked them too!

Leaving the Village:
My grandmother, as my mother puts it, went from playing with dolls to having an arranged marriage, moving to a new country and becoming a mother. This pattern reflects (in my creative interpretation) the small village in China that she left she was a young girl to start her new life in Melbourne. I was fortunate enough to visit the village not too long ago and meet some people who remembered my grandparents. The beautiful mountains in the distance, greenery and clear blue skies were a stark contrast to the populated and often polluted big cities I visited on the same trip.

Leaving the Village 10" x 10"

Leaving the Village 10″ x 10″

Leaving the Village Close-Up

Leaving the Village Close-Up

Journey by Sea:
When my grandmother travelled to Australia, there were no flights like there are today. For her, the journey to Brisbane from China was by boat and took about 5 weeks. This was no pleasant journey either; she told my mother she was seasick everyday and when they finally arrived in Brisbane, they still had to travel further south to Melbourne. No wonder my grandmother always suffered from motion sickness! Hearing about this treacherous journey has given me a greater appreciation of the sacrifices my great grandfather and grandparents made to come to Australia. In this pattern I tried to encapsulate the rough and endless stretch of sea.

Journey By Sea 10" x 10"

Journey By Sea 10″ x 10″

Journey By Sea Close-Up

Journey By Sea Close-Up

New Beginnings:
I’ve always been a bit intimidated of creating a floral design, because there are so many beautiful ones already out there. But to me, a pattern collection doesn’t seem complete without some kind of floral, so I thought I would give one a try! Despite the hardships that my grandmother endured in her life, she was fortunate to have not one, but NINE healthy children. I wanted to create a flowing floral to represent the lives she brought into this world – no easy feat; since having a daughter of my own, I couldn’t imagine having another eight more!!

New Beginnings 10" x 10"

New Beginnings 10″ x 10″

New Beginnings Close-Up

New Beginnings Close-Up

Lost in Translation:
Despite living in Australia for most of her life, my grandmother didn’t have a good grasp of English. Having so many children, meant she never had an opportunity to work or spend time outside the home to improve her language skills and she generally socialised within Chinese community. I can appreciate the difficulty of living in a new country since spending some time in Jakarta. Not speaking the local lingo is tough and can feel so limiting. I wanted to create a pattern that showed the motifs getting tossed around to create a feeling of things (such as words) being jumbled and mixed up; kind of like when you’re attempting to communicate in the new language, but with your limited vocab, what you’re really trying to express just gets lost. A feeling I’m sure my grandmother felt time and time again.

Lost In Translation 10" x 10"

Lost In Translation 10″ x 10″

Lost In Translation Close-Up

Lost In Translation Close-Up

Whew! This final challenge wasn’t easy. There were plenty of false starts and much indecision with colour palette. I didn’t have one pattern that I thought was a focal print, but wanted a set of prints that worked harmonious together, but could also be strong individually.

Finally, best of luck to the other two superb designers in the final round, Kim and Alice – I have no doubt you’ll both have wonderful collections. And, I also hope to see more of the other Top 10 participants and their work around – Repeat(ed) has just been the beginning!

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Final Design Challenge: Kim Andersson

Tidal Lace 12 x 11

Tidal Lace 12 x 11

Low Tide 12 x 12

Low Tide 12 x 12

Shimmer 12 x 12

Shimmer 12 x 12

Coralline 12 x 12

Coralline 12 x 12


KimAndersson1It’s good to finally share with you my latest collection Tidal Lace.

The inspiration for this collection comes from two very different experiences in my life that I’ve woven together. The first is from my Grandmother’s ballet shop and the second is from an amazing family outing to some tide pools on the Pacific coast.

While I was in process with designing this collection I took printouts to my quilt guild, the East Bay Modern Quilt Guild, to show my friends. After lots of positive feedback one question that came up was “How did you come up with an idea to cross lace with tide pools?”

After Challenge 4 and reflecting about my Grandparents some more, I thought back to my Grandmothers shop. She had a Ballet shop and it was filled with wondrous things! One of these was many lengths of trim and lace used in the creation of wonderful ballet costumes. I would spent whole days during Summer holidays playing with these! Also looking back at previous judges feedback on REPEAT(ed) there was a reoccurring appreciation for my work with line, so working a lace element into my design seemed a natural way to approach this collection.

Lovely lace

Lovely lace

The idea to use tide pools as the other part of my inspiration came from a family trip that we took to a lovely coastal town last September over the Labor Day weekend. We traveled to Bolinas and friends had told us not to miss the tidal pools of Agate Beach. Looking up the tidal information we woke early to get there for low tide and were rewarded with amazing tidal life! Ochre Sea Stars (I can’t help calling them Star Fish), Limpets, Sea Snails, Chitons (which I had never seen before), beautiful Anemones, Barnacles, Crabs, Tide pool fish and gorgeous Marine Algae.

We spent a wonderful morning with the kids looking from pool to pool to see what we could spy. Lucky for us there was an experienced tide pooling family there at the same time, and they pointed many things out to us that we could have otherwise missed.

Ochre Sea Star

Ochre Sea Star



Coralline Alga and other Marine Algae

Coralline Alga and other Marine Algae

Tide pooling fun

Tide pooling fun

I wanted this collection to be full of fascinating details, like you have in lace and in tide pools.

The lead design, Tidal  Lace, is my imagining of lace and tide pools integrated together. I chose to design this as horizontal stripe that can be used as a border or a larger scale stripe. It has lots of detail that can work in smaller pieces as well. It is the largest in the collection (the sea star is 7.5 inches top to bottom). Just one color here so that the line work is emphasized.

Tidal Lace 18 x11

Tidal Lace 18 x11

Tidal Lace Detail

Tidal Lace Detail


The next design, Low Tide, is bursting with the color and life of the tide pool. There are so many colors in sea life and pleasant color surprises. This design is a medium scale print.

Low Tide 18 x 14

Low Tide 18 x 14

Low Tide Detail

Low Tide Detail


The third design, Shimmer, uses the base lace pattern filled with blue tones and sporadic pops of yellow. The yellow and whites represent glints of light that play on the surface of the rippling water represented in an abstract way.

Shimmer 18 x 14

Shimmer 18 x 14


The final design in this collection, Coralline, comes inspired from the forms of the Coralline Alga. I wanted to provide some contrast to the complexity of the other designs in the collection with this piece. It is a smaller scale pattern with a simple use of one of the elements in two tones, creating a more textural design.

Coralline Detail

Coralline Detail

As you can see over these four prints I’ve tried to produce a variation in color use and scale across this collection. The designs work well with many different color ways even though I only get to show you the one today. I also have some more pattern ideas that will extend this collection further, tide pool life is a rich bed of inspiration!

I hope that you like this final collection as much as I do. It’s been a great experience putting a collection together for this challenge. I can’t wait to get some fabric tests printed and sew with it!

What an AMAZING experience REPEAT(ed) has been. I can’t say thank you enough to Ellen and Madeleine. Thanks to this competition I’ve been looking at my design subjects in a completely different way which leads to some interesting story telling.

Bravo! to the other many talented designers for producing some wonderful designs.

And many many thanks to YOU for reading and voting, your encouragement and comments make my day!

Cheers and hugs,

P.S. Don’t forget that you can find me here at to keep in touch with this pattern journey of mine.

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Final Round Guest Judges

We’re down to the final round!  Alice, Kim, and Rebecca have worked very hard over the last few months creating pattern after pattern to wow the cast of guest judges.  This month, they have three ladies to win over for the title.

Michele Profile Pic 3x4Michele Rosenboom was last year’s big winner!  Michele’s been the recurring judge for the entire season.  With years of experience in the interior design world, a lovely aesthetic, and the ability to communicate all kinds of interesting feedback to the contestants, Michele has been a delight.


Kathy Mack; Pink Chalk StudioKathy Mack is the owner of Pink Chalk Fabrics, an online gathering place for quilters and sewists who are seeking a massive palette of fabrics to choose from.  Kathy is one of our favorite people to run into at Market.  She’s an inspiration to anyone wanting to turn their creative leanings into a career.  Kathy’s experience in the retail world is perfect for the final round of REPEAT(ed).


Sarah Watson is one of our favorite fabric designers.  We met Sarah at Quilt Market last fall and fell in love with her beautiful prints.  To top it off, Sarah is a super nice gal too!  We’ve been sewing/hoarding Indian Summer and can’t wait to see more from Sarah…

It will be a tough decision, but Michele, Kathy and Sarah are ready!

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Drinking tea with Alice

I was hoping for an open brief this time around because I’ve had this idea itching away in the back of my mind for a long time now. I think my best work is produced only after an idea has festered away in my mind for months or years and the subject has become almost an obsession.

I am like this with TEA.

my tea obsession is well documented on my instagram account.

my tea obsession is well documented on my instagram account.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t drink any tea at all. It was a drink that old people drank and I was young so preferred things like cordial and chocolate milk… or a nice glass of wine with dinner. Then in 2001 I went on exchange to Japan and drank tea all day of every day. I discovered that tea makes you feel great, especially when it is freezing cold and you are from the subtropics.

When I came back to Australia I was a tea fanatic. I became fascinated by anything related to tea. Ceramics, leaves, processing, serving, rituals, history, farming regions, etc, ect. If you ever meet me don’t start a conversation about tea unless you want me to completely nerd out and tell you obscure things that you don’t really care about…

I’ll start talking about my designs now I promise! It is a difficult because I haven’t actually done much yet. I’ve thought a lot about what I want to portray in my prints, but more in terms of feelings rather than words and haven’t done more than general doodles on paper exploring tea. These might make it into my prints or they might not, I tend to scribble pages and pages of stuff before I settle on the motifs that I’m going to use. Coming up with a colour palette takes me even longer.

At this stage I see my collection having a hand made quality with some geometric or tessellating motifs. I haven’t really touched colour yet so that will be a surprise to us both.

We have four patterns to create this time and I haven’t even really started the first so I better get to it! See you again when the final collections are published. Eeeek!

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Gearing up for the final challenge – Rebecca Ng

rebeccang-thumbWOW, I still can’t believe I’m in the final three – with two other amazing designers, Alice and Kim! Kim – well done on your Readers Choice Award again. I think many people would love to get their hands on your designs on fabric pronto!

What a wonderful journey it’s been so far, with one more challenge left to go.

I thought that if I somehow made it into the final round, I would draw my inspiration from my grandmother. She passed away earlier this year, soon after I had returned to Jakarta and unfortunately I wasn’t able to make it back in time to say my goodbyes. So I’d love my patterns to somehow be a reflection of her and/or snippets from her life. Being apart of this competition has made me realise how much more interesting and meaningful a pattern can become when there’s a story behind it, rather than just making something look pretty.

I’m not quite sure how I will approach all four patterns and what aspects of my grandmother or her life I will draw on, but I hope I can weave together four designs that I would be happy to have shown her.

Good luck Alice and Kim; there’s lots of designing to be done and I’m looking forward to seeing your collections!

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Approaching the finals with Kim Andersson

KimAndersson2Congratulations to Rebecca for her win in the last round!
And congratulations to Alice for making it to the finals too! Woo hoo!

A big hug for all of you that voted for me to win the Readers Choice Award again!
Girls and guys you are AWESOME!

It’s been a crazy time since the beginning of this years competition, we’ve been working towards this point since February! I’m madly working away here as we are due to fly out for our European vacation next week, so I need to finish this collection soon! I’m looking forward to a fun and inspiring time with my family.

For the final round it’s up to us as to what the subject will be, and how that informs our inspiration. Ellen and Madeleine’s past challenge ideas have set us up with some great techniques on how to approach this… even if we have free reign. So I’ll take my inspiration from observations in my life… with a twist of course : )

For the final round I’m going with what has worked for me the best during this competition. I’ll be taking the feedback from the many judges (thank you judges!) to complete a cohesive and gorgeous collection. The judges have repeatedly loved my use of line and shape, so you’ll definitely be seeing more of this. I’ve also received many complements on my color use so you’ll see more lovely color.

This collection of 4 prints has a central theme and palette. The differences across the collection will in part come from scale, use of those colors and differences in layout.

Oh wait till you see it! I’m nervous and excited to show!

Thanks again for all your support!


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Reflections from Amy Butler

Amy ButlerI am completely thrilled with being invited to take part in this wonderful contest! I loved everything about the event from the story telling to being able to see how beautifully the designers translated their personal experience. Inspiration is everywhere and it’s humbling and an honor to take in all of this fantastic design work. I am impressed with the heart and passion in everyone’s process and the delicate ways in which each designer expressed their experience, all in personal ways that really show us who they are and really lets their unique personalities shine. I think the best design comes from this place, always.

Congratulations to every designer that participated in this event! You should be proud of your work and effort, and isn’t it a great gift to have this platform here on The Printed Bolt?!

Beautiful job everyone!

Much love,

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Reflections from Carolyn Friedlander

carolyn_friedlander_2012_headshot_web_1000pxThanks so much Madeleine and Ellen for having me back as a guest judge! It’s been a lot of fun seeing how far you’ve come with The Printed Bolt, and I look forward to much more in the future.

To the designers, you guys are awesome! I agree with Madeleine that you have done an exceptional job telling and showing us your stories through your blog posts and work. I’ve also seen plenty of designs from you guys that I would love to work with in projects of my own.

Congratulations to Rebecca on your win this round! You did a beautiful job creating prints inspired by your travels. Your designs have been strong throughout the competition, and I love your sense of color.

To Alice and Kim–well done! Alice’s prints made for a great pair with plenty of style, and Kim’s interpretation of her grandmother’s garden was elegant and enticing.

Taylour–Sorry to see you go! You’ve been a joy to follow, and I’m sure you’ll do very well as a designer in the future.

Best of luck to everyone in the final round! I can’t wait to see your designs!


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Reflections from Michele Rosenboom

Congratulations, Rebecca on your win this round!  You developed a really beautiful and sophisticated set of coordinating fabrics.  I would love to own both of them!

I love the stories the designers told this round, the places they took our imaginations, and the feelings they evoked through their work.  So many of our experiences are common and it’s really powerful when you can take inspiration from something we’ve all seen or felt.  The addition of coordinates this round was excellent practice for what’s to come. After this next round, it’s on to the FINALS!!

Last time, I promised to fill you in on my experience of attending SURTEX for the first time.  It was a rainy morning in New York City the day we went to Surtex, but I was in such good company, I hardly noticed.  I went with my friend (and insanely talented designer) Wendy.

Wendy & I with umbrellas in hand, ready to hit the show!

Wendy & I with umbrellas in hand, ready to hit the show!

We started the day by attending the class: “Monetizing your Art & Design” which was a round-table discussion with Marty Segelbaum, President of MHS Licensing and Nancy Fire, President of Design Works International.  I took lots of notes, but I think my main take away was: Creating strong, beautiful work is only half of the equation.  Selling is a vital part of being a surface designer.  If it’s not your strength (or interest) to sell, then you should work with an agent.

We spent a number of hours walking the show and it was a lot of fun to see all the artists in their booths.  A few of the artists we chatted with were Carol Van Zandt, Jessica Swift, Sarah Watts, and Eleanor Grosch.  There were so many talented artists there!  I learned what the smallest size booth costs if you want to exhibit, although you can also see for yourself here.  The good news is that sometimes you can share the cost with another designer and exhibit together.

The view down one of the many aisles at Surtex.

The view down one of the many aisles at Surtex.

I’m glad I went and I learned a lot.  Good luck to the remaining designers.  Keep up the great work.  I can’t wait to see what inspires you next!

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Reflections from Madeleine & Ellen

From Madeleine

I want to take a moment to praise every single REPEAT(ed) contestant for writing fabulous blog posts and sharing their thought process. When I visit a quilt shop I typically make up my own little mental story about different fabrics that speak to me and one of the things I love about Quilt Market is talking to designers and hearing the story behind their collections.

I have been blown away by the stories and the connections that our designers have shared with  us.  As we rely more and more on technology it is essential that designers have the ability to share their process with their audience directly and I think that all of our designers are able to engage the audience and tell their story.

From Ellen

Can you believe we’re down to the final three designers?  Its no secret that Madeleine and I are not fabric designers…but after spending time with Michele and Jessica at Quilt Market last year, I think we got a glimpse of the highs and lows of participating in a multi-month design challenge.  Big congratulations to all the REPEAT(ed) contestants, especially Rebecca, Alice, and Kim – the Australian trio!  I am so excited to see what they come up with for the final round…

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