Madeleine Roberg

America was at war in Vietnam.

My father enlisted to avoid the draft.

My dad deserted.

The Canadian Navy opened up to women.

My mother joined on a dare.

They met in Mexico.

They chased each other around the world.

Seven years later they married.

They had five children.

Each child was born in a different state.

I was number four.

I was born in Virginia.

My father is on a lifelong spiritual journey.

I was born as a Mennonite.

I was never truly a Mennonite.

I don’t remember seeing a Mennonite quilting.

I have a fuzzy memory of a church quilt show.

I was an early teenager.

We left the Mennonite church.

Life opened up.

Life became complicated.

I quit making things.

Crafting wasn’t cool, yet.

I went to college.

I’m a Gator.

I got my B.A. in Anthropology.

I got a job as an archaeologist.

I quit.

I went to Europe alone.

Everyone should travel alone.

I came back.

I should have stayed in Rome.

I got another job.

I traveled around the US.

I discovered

Crafting was cool again.

I got a job in Wyoming in winter.

I met a boy.

The yarn store owner was a b***h.

The quilt shop ladies were nice.

I started quilting.

I decided to go back to graduate school.

I picked textiles.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offered me money.

We moved to Nebraska.

I wrote a thesis.

Over 50 people have downloaded it.

Sometimes I wonder what they think.

I haven’t looked at it.

Went to Quilt Market.

It was eye-opening and inspiring.

Still in Nebraska.

Still searching for a job.

Is this really my life?

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