Which Wanderlust Print are you Bringing on a Quilting Adventure?

The designers did a wonderful job interpreting the idea of wanderlust in print.  Now you have to pick which pattern is your favorite!  The designer with the most votes will get the Reader’s Choice Award for March. Vote for your favorite design by Saturday March 16th at midnight EST.

The winner of the challenge as well as the two eliminated contestants will be determined by the judges – Michele Rosenboom, Rashida Coleman-Hale, and Kim Kight.

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20 comments on “Which Wanderlust Print are you Bringing on a Quilting Adventure?

  1. Kelly Dobbin on said:

    Kate Austin’s blew me away (under the sea). I loved the movement and the colours – it really did take me away to some of my favourite trips where snorkelling was a highlight. I thought her pattern was the best (although they are all great). I also loved how she walked us through her inspirations and her sketches to get to her final design.

  2. You are off to a strong start! It’s going to be tough to vote for just one. Taylour’s solids are missing.

  3. marcia on said:

    My vote is for Kim Anderson-her design captures something close to my heart -embroidery – which is found worldwide with each culture interpretting it in their own langauge.

  4. Ana Santos on said:

    My vote is for MAJO I really like her design. Good job!

  5. Rachel on said:

    I vote for Jamel Maske. Original, appealing, great colors and I would buy this fabric.
    Well done.

  6. Natalia on said:

    I vote for MaJo, I think her design is really good, and the process was a very interesting one too.

  7. Carlyn on said:

    Rebecca Ng gets my vote. I want that pattern not only in fabric, but in paper and as the canvas cover for a book. Just beautiful!

  8. Nena Gufford on said:

    I love Majo design. She shows her heart in all her designs.

  9. Beautiful Kate Austin!!!

  10. M@rCe on said:

    Majo is the best! I really enjoyed the story about how she got to that lovely design. Good luck!

  11. awesome first round! well done all!

  12. Some really fun work! It will be interesting to see who wins this round!

  13. Jessica Majers design is stunning!!!

  14. WordPress would not allow me to leave my comment under Majo’s bio, so I hope she’ll see it here:

    Majo: Now that the results are in, I must respond with a comment. Clearly I am out of touch, because I voted for your design to WIN! Not because it’s my personal favorite- it’s not. But I think the colors were good, you interpreted the theme in a fun and hip way, it seems modern and fresh, and I think it would sell. Yes, it’s very directional, and quilters would probably have to “fussy cut” the designs, but there is a place for those designs. Quilters collect them. It would make adorable aprons, curtains, and the like. Dots and circles are timeless. Maybe the predominance of white and very pale blue is too washed out, but that’s what allowed your colorful motifs to pop. One other constructive criticism: There may be a problem using a branded product in your design (Nutella). I’m sorry we won’t see more of your designs in the competition, but I’m sure we’ll see you elsewhere.

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