What’s New With Michele Rosenboom…

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! It’s so good to talk to you again! A lot has happened in
the last month since I won the REPEAT competition.

But before I go into that, I have to know…was it killing you, like it was me, to wait a
week to find out who was going to win the final challenge of REPEAT? I completely
understand why it was needed, but it was a little like those long, drawn out pauses
on reality TV, where you just wanna yell at the T.V. “say it, already!” I woke up the
morning of with a stomach full of knots. My husband called me on his way to work
to tell me to check TPB, so he was with me when I read the news. It was pure elation
+ relief + gratefulness. Everything you’d imagine feeling winning a competition after
months of hard work! At the same time, I, more than any one else, have an inkling
of how Krissy & Jessica might have been feeling. Because I was preparing myself
to be in their shoes, too. Hats off to both of you not only for your beautiful final
collections, but for your friendly competition over the past months!

In the weeks following the final challenge, I took some time off from designing
patterns to work on a graphic design project for a sewing business, Paisley
Handmade. I designed the new logo, business cards, and etsy banner, etc. It was a
lot of fun. I’d love to do it again!

And I sort of did – for myself. During my last semester of grad school, I designed all
of my branding materials, so I had everything ready to go. I just needed to get all
of it printed. I also set up a facebook and twitter page for my business. I’d love it if
you’d follow / like me there!

I also attended my very first quilt guild meeting in August. It was their show-and-
tell night, so it was fun to see what everyone had been working on. What a wealth of
knowledge and experience! I’m looking forward to getting to know the Sioux Prairie
Quilters better!

Speaking of quilting, our plans for Quilt Market are in full swing! Madeleine, Ellen &
I met up online a few weeks ago to talk logistics. It was so fun. Can I just say how
much I already like them? I can’t wait to see what’s in store for the two of them and
for The Printed Bolt! As for me, I’m currently busy filling up my portfolio and hoping
to have a new collection of beautiful patterns to share when I’m in Houston. I’ve
got a task list a mile long and I’m positive I won’t be able accomplish all of it, but I’m
gonna give it my best shot! Wish me luck and check me out on facebook / twitter so
you can follow my progress…and so I can get to know you better, too. I love nothing
more than a comment or message from a new person! Enjoy your weekend!

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6 comments on “What’s New With Michele Rosenboom…

  1. Great job on the new logo–very catchy. You will have some great mentors in the quilt guild–I quilt for many of them!!! Can’t wait to see what new designs you have for market!! You go girl!!

  2. good luck michele!

  3. Terri – I missed your comment for some reason first time I stopped by…thanks for the “go get ‘em” pep talk!

  4. Love the update to Paisley’s logo…looking forward to seeing good things from your, Michele!

  5. LOVE my new logo and have gotten a lot of compliments on it! :) Thanks, Michele! :)

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