Vote for your Favorite Tiny Dwelling

Which tiny dwelling is your favorite?  Which one would be best in your next quilt?  Vote below to help determine the Reader’s Choice Award.

The vote closes on Sunday, March 25th at midnight. You only get one vote so choose you dwelling wisely.


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16 comments on “Vote for your Favorite Tiny Dwelling

  1. Is there a way to show the voting results for all the contestants? After voting, I can’t tell how my favorite tiny dwelling designer is doing, without doing some math!

    • I wondered the same thing! I noticed that it shows the total number of votes at the bottom of the post, so you could add up the votes of the other contestants and subtract from the total to find how many votes your favorite designer got. Not the speediest solution, but that’s what I did! :)

  2. The Printed Bolt on said:

    We’re quilters, not web designers! Hopefully we work out all the kinks by next time!

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  4. tinchi on said:

    sooo cute :) ))

  5. Shivali on said:

    i love the design: No Shell Like Home and the RV on the Prairie. Both would make great playful fabric that would be versatile and fun! The colors are super vibrant and eye catching. The drawings are really engaging to look at over and over again.
    Shivali Shah
    Washington DC

  6. Very creative, inspiring and to the point.

  7. Phyllida on said:

    Hi, I would like to vote for Tammie Bennet. For some reason the site would not let me click on her name to vote. hope that is ok. Thank you.

  8. I tried to vote for Michele Rosenboom. but there was only one person’s name listed – Tamme Bennett

  9. Darren on said:

    Art is natural, isn’t it? Some have it, others don’t. You certainly have it, Krishna Chavda.

  10. The Printed Bolt on said:

    Voting problems appear to be associated with Internet Explorer…please try another browser! Sorry for any inconvenience.

  11. Vibha Shah on said:

    I was unable to vote at this link. When I click a name a dot does not appear against the name nor can I activate the Vote box below. Please let us know how to vote for my favorite tiny dwelling.

  12. I’ll try on something other than IE. Thanks!

  13. The Printed Bolt on said:

    If you are still having trouble voting, try enabling cookies…

  14. Great work !

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