TOP TEN: Alice Murphy

alice2I am an interior design graduate from Brisbane, Australia (for the moment) with an interest in craft, colour, time and place. I have always loved patterns but was first introduced to textile design through my degree and became immediately hooked. My patterns tend to be autobiographical, drawing from my own experiences and surroundings.

In my work I like experimenting with new techniques and use a variety of methods including hand drawing, painting and taking impressions from nature, as well as utilising computer technology. In a previous career I also taught mathematics and science and my interest for order (and disorder) in the natural world is another influence on my designs.

I am currently planning a move across the country in search of employment and after 26 years of living in the wonderful city of Brisbane, I am excited to find inspiration in new surroundings.

My free time is spent drawing, crocheting, drinking tea, chatting to animals and making people smile.

Sample Work:

Lillipilly in  Bloom

November Pavement

Find Alice Other Places Online:


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3 comments on “TOP TEN: Alice Murphy

  1. These are beautiful Alice. They make me home sick! I love your use of colour!

  2. Hi Alice! Wow…what a cool combination…math and pattern! Imagine the inspiration possibilities! Your designs are lovely! Best of luck on the move…what an exciting adventure! Looking forward to seeing more of your work!

  3. I love that you said your patterns “tend to be autobiographical”. This is such a nice way of understanding them and you too :)

    BTW… both patterns are lovely, but I do feel especially drawn to Lillipilly in Bloom; just LOVE IT!

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