Thoughts on Quilting

Taylour BeadlingI don’t even know where to begin with this blog post. I only recently looked into the world of quilting in terms of where it is today. I was one of the people who thought that quilting was relegated to grandmother’s making patchwork blankets for babies. Quilts have to be pastel and pretty, right? Wrong. Just snooping around the internet has lead me to discover amazing things being made by quilters.

I come from a visual arts background, with some experience in apparel. I had never even really considered quilting as way to idealize a visual. I’m glad to see that quilts are being looked at as art, and not just a hobby.

I really like that piece on the wall over there. What’s the medium, quilt?

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3 comments on “Thoughts on Quilting

  1. Dawn Conery on said:

    Yes, Quilts are most definately art as well as comfort. Consider the fabric your paints, the threads your brushstrokes and texture, your needle is your drawing instrument and the layers create the sturdy canvas. You should research all the men who are quilters and you will be even more inspired! Good luck to you in your designing.

    Quilter, designer and former quilt shop owner,
    Dawn Conery

  2. Great post Taylour! It is so amazing to see the many styles and techniques used in quilting! I am in awe of the vision and skill that goes into quilts. You are correct…quilters are artists and designers too! Looking forward to seeing your next design!

  3. Well put, Dawn… I too have been noticing lots of male quilt designers.

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