Thoughts on Color from Tammie Bennett

I am so happy to still be in this competition among such talented designers.  It was very cool to see what everybody came up with for the industrial revolution challenge.

usually when i am designing a piece, the first thing i do is pick my color palette.  I tend to stick to the same sort of color family, so i’ve been trying hard to branch out a little bit.  i am really drawn to what i call candy colors ::

i like aquas, pinks (especially hot pink), deep yellows, and reds.  i love bold, rich colors, with a few muted pastel colors mixed in.

i really love nature, but a lot of the colors in nature like hunter green, browns, and purples are not my thing.  i like the candy-colored nature ::

take a look at  my fabric shelf – not a purple, brown or hunter green in sight.

a lot of quilting fabric stores out there stock shelves and shelves of purples, browns, dark greens and mauves which i tend to think of as being more traditional quilt colors.  and those stores do quite well.  i don’t think those colors will ever leave the quilting world.  i do see the younger, newer-to-quilting generation of “modern quilters” steering towards the bolder, brighter colors and the candy coated poppy colors.  lizzy house is an example of this.  and so is khristian howell.

two other artists whose use of color totally inspires me are helen dardik and lisa congdon.

i can’t wait to see the designers’ interpretations of our next challenge!

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One comment on “Thoughts on Color from Tammie Bennett

  1. Sara on said:

    I love your color palette; pretty close to mine, though I go for slightly more classic shades of those colors. I love a lot of AMH’s palettes, especially in the loulouthi line; berry and cream and turquoise, with an ivory for the neutral.

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