Thoughts on Color from Krissy Callahan

When I was four, I wanted to be Rainbow Brite.   And while I no longer talk to an imaginary horse or carry sprinkles in my pockets, a love of bright colors has stuck with me.  One example I’d like to share are my bedrooms growing up.

Elementary school: When I was five, my dad wallpapered my room with pink, green, blue and yellow hearts with a rainbow and cloud border. It was magical.

High school: I painted what can be best described as a rainbow ombre of stars and comets on the back of my closet door without my parent’s permission. It’s still there to this day.

College:  My bedroom. One wall, painted neon blue along with the outline of a jungle green headboard.

Moving to Chicago: First apartment: turquoise, taupe and brown horizontal stripes.   Second apartment: Light green with stenciled vintage planes. Third apartment: Tiny little match box room so I went with grey. Fourth apartment: Forest green

As you might be able to tell, I love experimenting with color. Most of the time, it’s super rewarding. Like when you pick gold glitter nail polish at the nail salon on December 31. Other times, it can be downright embarrassing like alternating grape and green push down socks to match your plaid shorts. (That wasn’t yesterday… it was 5th grade… right?)

These days, my favorite color combinations are anything under the sun; you can’t go wrong with subtle and unexpected paired with neutrals and neon.  When screen printing, I love looking at my tower of ink and trying to find odd and pleasing combinations.   Like grey, chartreuse, navy and hot pink?  Taupe, hot orange, baby pink and turquoise?

I really enjoyed getting the chance to experiment with color for the Industrial Revolution challenge, but I also have to admit, I never imagined it would be as hard as it was!  I’ve never created a digital design with more than one palate.  In screen printing, I work in black and white until it’s printing time and I consult my tower of ink to see what’s speaking to me that day. With this last challenge, it was incredibly difficult for me to make decisions and narrow it down to three possibilities.

Wow,  all this color talk is making me want to get to drawing board!

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One comment on “Thoughts on Color from Krissy Callahan

  1. Robert Roberg on said:

    I reposted your essay on FB. I hope you don’t mind. I think some of us respond to color the way others do to music. I even think every word has a color. I loved what you wrote.

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