The Life and Times of Madeleine

America was at war in Vietnam.

My father enlisted to avoid the draft.

My dad deserted.

The Canadian Navy opened up to women.

My mother joined on a dare.

They met in Mexico.

They chased each other around the world.

Seven years later they married.

They had five children.

Each child was born in a different state.

I was number four.

I was born in Virginia.

My father is on a lifelong spiritual journey.

I was born as a Mennonite.

I was never truly a Mennonite.

I don’t remember seeing a Mennonite quilting.

I have a fuzzy memory of a church quilt show.

I was an early teenager.

We left the Mennonite church.

Life opened up.

Life became complicated.

I quit making things.

Crafting wasn’t cool, yet.

I went to college.

I’m a Gator.

I got my B.A. in Anthropology.

I got a job as an archaeologist.

I quit.

I went to Europe alone.

Everyone should travel alone.

I came back.

I should have stayed in Rome.

I got another job.

I traveled around the US.

I discovered

Crafting was cool again.

I got a job in Wyoming in winter.

I met a boy.

The yarn store owner was a b***h.

The quilt shop ladies were nice.

I started quilting.

I decided to go back to graduate school.

I picked textiles.

The University of Nebraska-Lincoln offered me money.

We moved to Nebraska.

I wrote a thesis.

Over 50 people have downloaded it.

Sometimes I wonder what they think.

I haven’t looked at it.

Went to Quilt Market.

It was eye-opening and inspiring.

Still in Nebraska.

Still searching for a job.

Is this really my life?

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One comment on “The Life and Times of Madeleine

  1. Yep. In case anyone is wondering. That’s my wife. In the photo with Madeleine. Second one from the bottom. On our wedding day. Ain’t life grand.

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