Some final words: Rebecca Ng


rebeccang-thumbThe Printed Bolt Repeat(ed) competition has been such a fantastic experience and I am definitely blown away by being judged the winner! Many thanks to the judges this round – Michele, Kathy and Sarah for your feedback; I feel a lot more confident and ready to start creating another collection for my folio… I just have to find my next inspiration.

Before the competition started, I had only been doing little bits of surface pattern designing, but didn’t really have a direction or felt confident of what my style was. The judges feedback each round was really encouraging and helped me to think a little more conceptually and try something different, which has really helped me form my style. I really hope that I’ll be able to get my work out there and it’d be so exciting to have a real collection printed one day!

Again, I just want to thank Ellen and Madeleine for putting together such a brilliant competition – just having the opportunity to have our work published online and reviewed by judges in the industry each challenge has been such a privilege. I hope you continue the competition next year to give another 10 designers such a great opportunity.

I wish the other Repeat(ed) designers all the best in following their design dreams – and especially to Alice and Kim, who produced some beautiful work in the final round and who were so supportive throughout.

For those who want to see me continue my journey, I would love for you to visit my website Fabric Drawer ( or like my Facebook page (

Thanks for all the support along the way – hopefully this is just the beginning of lots more pattern designing!!

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6 comments on “Some final words: Rebecca Ng

  1. I am so thrilled for you Rebecca! I really enjoyed watching your style evolve and gain momentum! I look forward to seeing your next collection, and following the next 10 designers in the Repeat(ed) (ed) competition. Best wishes to you and the rest of the designers!

  2. Big congrats, Rebecca! It’s been a pleasure getting to know you and your beautiful designs. I was very close to my grandmother too and really appreciated your final collection /tribute to her. All the best for future success!

  3. Great job Rebecca. I wish you luck in the future. As for the other designers great good also. I look forward to the next Repeat (ed). Good job Madeleine and everyone else involved.

  4. Thank you all; I’m really looking forward to following your design journeys and feel so lucky to have been apart of this competition.

  5. Wonderful work everyone! You are an inspiration:)
    Congratulations Rebecca!

  6. This is so fantastic. I truly enjoyed seeing everyones incredible designs, so many winners there.
    Your designs were exceptional and here’s a big congratulations to you Rebecca!

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