Janel Maske

J Maske head shotI studied art and graphic design at Judson College, and upon completion of my bachelor’s degree, I went on delivering pizzas. Ten years later, I find myself saying, “Oops! That wasn’t a good idea!” I’m no longer delivering pizzas, so that’s good, and my day job is now in a nice office crunching numbers. Happily, I stumbled on Spoonflower a couple of years ago, and discovered a field nobody told me about in college. Fabric design is such a great fit for me! I love that I can draw or paint in whatever medium I want, and then later have the puzzle of fitting things together in a balanced design. I love that I can tell a little story on fabric that people can create things with! I think designing fabric is a wonderful mix of art and math, and in the end I’ve created something people can use. Brilliant!

Rats with Kites

Rats with Kites

Long Tailed Hopping Mouse

Long Tailed Hopping Mouse

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