Nicole Buxton

Nicole hails from the mystical shores of the Land of 10,000 Lakes (yeah, sure, you betcha). Her habitual dropping of “r’s” made her incomprehensible to many, until she found refuge along the Atlantic Ocean in Salem, MA, where she currently resides. Her Minnesota niceness may have worn thinner over the years, but she is rarely taken for a witch in her haunted hamlet. By day, Nicole toils at a keyboard in Boston wrangling tales from the lips of engineers and trying to make it all comprehensible to others. Some folks call this marketing. By night, Nicole seeks refuge in her little library with her husband where
she scours the web and combs through books for visual inspiration. Nicole owns both the physically largest and smallest books in her family’s library; were you acquainted with her husband, you would find this fact rather astonishing. Because of her misspent youth indulging in after-hours crafting and fairytale reading, Nicole has an immense fondness for medieval manuscripts, children’s book art, and the decorative arts. When one of the engineers she works with invents a time travel machine, Nicole is intent on visiting her design heroes – William Morris, C.F.A. Voysey, and Jessie M. King.

Sample Work


A Lady and Her Unicorn - Original Design Based on Mille Fleurs Tapestries

Eliminated – Design Challenge One – Tiny Dwellings

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