Emelia Haglund

I am a recent MFA grad from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and current instructor in weaving and textile design. My love of loves is textiles and the prints, patterns, and passions that come along with it. I design my patterns by hand, and scan them in to create multi-layered imagery that is frequently offbeat. I often then translate my work into hand-woven jacquard pieces. To see my fantastical ideas come to life, albeit very slowly, is the greatest reward as I pass each thread and weave them into cognition. The rich history of textile arts shouldn’t be ignored as time passes but instead reflected in contrast by contemporary ideas.

Though I mainly consider my work in terms of woven textile, I am eager to branch into print design for the ideas that don’t translate in the same way. Patterns that might be overlooked because of their repetition instead draw in with complex tidbits of ideas that counteract the traditional views of printed textiles. I want to bring the controversial, sarcastic, quirky and unexpected into fabric and thus into homes and lives. I take inspiration from the cobwebbed corners of everything, even the mundane.

Check out Emelia’s website here.

Sample Work

Lady Toile

Submerged Honeysuckle

Winner Design Challenge Two – Industrial Revolution 

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