Susan Brown

I grew up on a farm in Kansas.

I had an Aunt Dorothy.

She didn’t have a Toto.

A tornado hit our farm when I was little.

We had a party line, two longs and a short was our ring.

My mother was a quilter

My grandmothers on both sides were quilters.

I was born with great potential quilting genes.

I have yet to discover them all.

Church quilting was at our house.

Quilt frames were up in the dining room.

My sister and I sat under the quilts and listened to all of the latest news.

We’d sneak to the kitchen and eat cookies and empty out the coffee cups.

I started sewing at seven and made my first dress at nine.

I learned more skills in 4-H. I took four years of Home Economics.

I met a boy who came into town on a motorcycle, he still has one.

He had long hair, mine was longer. It was 1975.

We fell in love and we got married.

I taught school and he was a mason.

Not the kind with pointy shoes who carry swords in parades and wear fez but

The kind that lays brick.

I was a teacher, then a principal.

We had three children a girl followed by two boys.

They are all J’s, Jessica, Joel and Joshua.

I loved fabric, I always loved fabric.

I opened a quilt shop.

It was the best job I ever had.

I had ideas and I made rulers.

I closed my shop.

I traveled and sold rulers.

I desperately needed help.

An angel, Donna, introduced me to Madeleine.

Madeleine was a great asset.

Madeleine came to Houston with friends Donna and Ellen.

They stayed in a scary hostel in a scary part of town.

I worried about them, they thought I was silly.

They brought me to my first Modern Quilt Guild meeting.

I’m old enough to be their mother.

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