Design Challenge One

Designers, your first challenge is to create two bold, small scale graphic designs around the idea of TINY DWELLINGS.  What is a tiny dwelling?  It can be anything, anywhere from sod houses in Nebraska to Nanook’s igloo in the Arctic.  Pick your environment and make a home!  Let your imagination run wild, but be ready to share the environment and its inhabitants with all the eager TPB/REPEAT followers.

Guest Judges for March include Kathy Mack, Timna Tarr, and Vanessa Wilson.  The winner of the March Tiny Dwellings Challenge will have their two designs featured in a quilt at the TQM Products booth at Spring International Quilt Market 2012 in Kansas City this May.  The Printed Bolt will use Spoonflower’s handy order-on-demand service to get the fabric super fast so there’s time for us to make the quilt.  TQM Products makes a ruler called the Binding Tool, and one of its many uses is to make a French Braid Quilt.  The French Braid Quilt is constructed from pieces that are approximately 2.5″ x 6″ so remember to keep your tiny dwellings tiny enough to be showcased in the quilt!

Submissions due via email by 12:00 PM EST on March 21, 2012…Sadly, since this is a competition, two designers will be eliminated this month.


Michele Rosenboom – Winner

Michele Rosenboom, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, nest fabric, human nest fabric, tiny dwellings

Design One: Twisted Abode - WINNER

Michele Rosenboom, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, nest fabric

Design Two: Undulate - WINNER

 Emelia Haglund

Emelia Haglund, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, bird fabric, put a bird on it, nest fabric

Design One: Polka Nests

Anemone fabric, Emelia Haglund, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, Sea fabric, tiny dwellings

Design Two: Anemone

Krissy Callahan

Krissy Callahan, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, shoe fabric, Honey I shrunk the kids, ants fabric

Design One: Shoeville

Krissy Callahan, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, little house, tiny houses, tiny dwellings, block party

Design Two: Block Party

Jessica Pollak

Tulip Hill fabric, dutch fabric, windmill fabric, bicycle fabric, horse fabric, my little pony fabric, the printed bolt, repeat, Jessica Pollak

Design One: Tulip Hill

fish fabric, quilting fabric, Jessica Pollak, submarine fabric, underwater fabric, the printed bolt, repeat 2012

Design Two: Fishes

Leah Sorensen-Hayes

leah sorenson-hayes, the printed bolt, repeat, tiny dwellings, lesotho fabric

Design One: Lesotho

leah sorensen-hayes, the printed bolt, repeat, basotho fabric, tiny dwellings

Design Two: Basotho

Tammie Bennett

Powwow Camp, teepee fabric, the printed bolt, Tammie Bennett

Design One: Powwow Camp

fireside, fireside fabric, Tammie Bennett, the printed bolt, quilting fabric

Design Two: Fireside

Krishna Chavda

Krishna Chavda, rv fabric, quilting fabric, Little RV on the Prarie

Design One: Little RV on the Prairie

Krishna Chavda, No Shell Like Home, quilting fabric, blue fabric, fish fabric, underwater fabric, the printed bolt

Design Two: No Shell Like Home

Emily Herr

Emily Herr, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, The Little Prince, french fabric, kid's fabric, space fabric

Design One: Petites Planetes

quilting fabric, repeat design, virginia commonwealth university, butterflies fabric, blue fabric

Design Two: Rhopalocerous

Ann Le – Eliminated 

cat fabric, quilting fabric, tiny dwelling fabric, blue fabric, complex repeat design, REPEAT, The Printed Bolt, Ann Le

Design One: CatHouse

Design Two: Bug Out Lodge

Nicole Buxton – Eliminated

Nicole Buxton, bird fabric, put a bird on it, birdhouse fabric, REPEAT, the printed bolt, blue fabric

Design One: Birdhouse Beckons

Nicole Buxton, The Printed Bolt, REPEAT, teapot fabric, mouse fabric, cheese fabric, blue fabric

Design Two: Cheese Dreams


3 comments on “Design Challenge One

  1. Sharon Frank on said:

    I am trying to vote, but the only person showing up is Tammie (and I am not voting for her…). Help!

  2. Marilyn on said:

    Would like to vote for Michele Rosenboom but only one designer name is coming up

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