Project II – Madeleine Roberg

With Halloween on its way, I have been working on non Printed Bolt projects. I am working on turning the adorable little boy below into a banana for Halloween.  Since my sister couldn’t find a good quality banana my sewing skills were called in to remedy this problem.

Here is my rough sketch. It took a little while to find the right fabrics to get the banana feel. I ended up going with a fleece for the exposed banana, so that it would have the soft, fuzzy texture of a banana, then I went with a polyester for the peel so that I could get a little more of a smooth and waxy feel.  Then I have built up a wire frame to give the banana and the peel some structure.

This weekend I don’t have to leave the house, unless I want to so I have devoted it to sewing all weekend. I have the banana to finish, two table runners for Fons and Porter and a few more REPEAT projects before Market. Are you making any Halloween costumes this year?


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2 comments on “Project II – Madeleine Roberg

  1. marty l. on said:

    Instead of a wire frame, you might consider using a 1/4 or 1/2 inch stiff foam inside the yellow skin and white banana. Wire in a little kid costume might not be that great. Several years ago I made a fish that sits on ones shoulders and you peer out its mouth. I covered it in fishy colored swimsuit lycra. Inside and out.

  2. You’re squeezing in a banana costume? You’re a fantastic aunt! Adorable.

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