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rebeccang-thumbI have to admit; I’m a bit of a novice when it comes to the world of quilting. So much so, the number of quilts I have made I can count on one hand. I was first introduced to quilting by a group of friends who had created a creative get-to-gether called ‘crafternoon’. In between talking and eating delicious treats, we’d each bring along a crafty project to work on. Usually I’d be knitting, but the others were often working on a quilting project.

When I finally decided it was time I started making a quilt for the first time, I thought sewing one for a baby would be perfect. Fewer pieces to cut and sew (and hopefully fewer mistakes)! But my favourite part about quilting is choosing the fabric. I’ve been known to come across beautiful pieces of fabric, purchase them, only to have them sit in my fabric drawer unused. But I love this part the most because I’m passionate about surface pattern design (and also because my sewing skills need a bit of improvement).

When I finally get the courage to challenge myself to create a large & stunning quilt, here are some examples of modern quilts I love (courtesy of Pinterest).

RebeccaNg-Quilting_Examples_1 RebeccaNg-Quilting_Examples_3 RebeccaNg-Quilting_Examples_4 RebeccaNg-Quilting_Examples_2

There are so many quilt fabrics on the market; it’s hard to say what kind of style is a favourite. But I have a particular soft spot for hand screen-printed fabrics. I love the textural feel, the hand drawn 1-2 colour designs and knowing they’ve been lovingly printed by hand. I also like bold geometric designs and can’t go past a beautiful floral, tree, leaf or bird design, whatever the style.

RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_3 RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_2RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_10 RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_11
Clockwise from top left: Umbrella Prints – Rock Garden Stone Flowers, Lucie Summers – Summersville Scandi, Fabric Drawer (my own screen-printed fabric) – Flower Fans, Cloth – Rose

I can’t say there’s a particular style I don’t like, because I’m sure I can find a design I’m fond of in every style; it’s the colour that usually attracts me to a fabric first and prompts me to pull it out to have a closer look at the design. So if the colour palette doesn’t grab my attention initially then I’m unlikely to look or like it.

RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_9 RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_8 RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_7 RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_6
Clockwise from top left: NI Melody – Multi, Ink & Spindle – Various, Cloth – Gumnuts, Kristen Doran – name unknown

I think finding your unique style is the challenging part of being a designer, because you can be influenced and inspired by so many different artists/styles and of course you change and grow as a designer. I can only say my work fits into the broad category of contemporary/modern fabric design, but it’s so hard to be specific when I’m still experimenting!

RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_5 RebeccaNg-Quilting_Pics_4More of some designs I love! Left: Alexander Henry – Marchesa Grey. Right: Modern Home – Herringbone.

The fabric images came via Cloth, Ink & Spindle and the fab online fabric store:

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3 comments on “My Thoughts on Quilting – Rebecca Ng

  1. I like your inspirations, Rebecca! Your quilting group sounds so fun and I’m glad to learn about Kelani Fabric.

  2. Great post Rebecca! I love the fabric you show here- LOVE hand printed pieces they have such an incredible quality. I love the crafternoon tradition- it’s the best way to spend the day really! What are you knitting?

  3. Thanks for your comments. I recently finished knitting a blanket for my daughter and now onto some Eco-friendly dish cloths… a small, easy project to practice moss stitch!

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