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Before fabric designs are available on our Spoonflower shop, we have to order proofs of each design to make sure everything looks perfect.  We have an 8″ square of each of the designs from the competition so far, and prior to our trip to Quilt Market, we used many of them to construct little accessories to showcase the work of our TOP TEN designers.

business card, card, the printed bolt, tpbThese business card holders were made with Krissy Callahan’s Block Party from the Tiny Dwellings Challenge and Krishna Chavda’s Looming Large from the Industrial Revolution Challenge.  Thank goodness for generous bloggers like The Crafty Cupboard who provided this awesome tutorial.

tpb bags, zippered pouch, pouchWe also made countless little zipper pouches to house everything from TPB pins to chapstick.  These pouches showcase Emelia Haglund’s Jacquard, Krissy Callahan’s Shoeville, Leah Sorensen-Hayes Mold Cast Die, and Jessica Pollak’s Tulip Hill.  And surprise, the back features a different fabric!

From right to left we have Jessica Pollak’s Sewing Machine, Michele Rosenboom’s Mechanized Embellishment, and Jessica Pollak’s Fishes.  If you want to make some adorable pouches for your knick knacks, check out this easy to follow tutorial.

Cameras are a must bring to Quilt Market to help fabric fanatics remember all their favorites.  Lugging this beast around all day is work, but this sweet padded camera strap cover helps dull the pain.  Featuring Tammie Bennett’s Mesh, this little guy was a lifesaver.  Make your own with this simple tutorial.

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