Judge: Michele Rosenboom

One week from today the first design challenge will be up on the blog!  Where did the designers follow their inner wanderlust to?  Only time will tell…

Michele Profile Pic 3x4We are super excited to welcome Michele Rosenboom, the winner of REPEAT, back as a judge for REPEAT(ed).  Michele will be the recurring judge from one challenge to the next.  With her lifelong experience in the design industry, course in all things quilty via REPEAT, exceptionally good taste, and lovely writings, Michele is sure to be a valuable resource for this year’s TOP TEN.

Details on this month’s guest judges to come!

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3 comments on “Judge: Michele Rosenboom

  1. it’s nice to have you as our judge Michele. I’m sure REPEAT meant a lot to you, and it will be awesome to have a first-hand experienced ex-REPEAT giving us feedback :)

  2. I agree with MaJo! What a neat opportunity for all of us to have our work judged by you…especially since you know the excitement we are all experiencing!

  3. Thanks! I know just how much love and effort you’re pouring into this and I hope it’s a great experience that everyone (those following, too) can learn from.

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