Jessica Pollak’s Favorite Handmade Object

My apartment is decorated with lots of little handmade odds and ends. These items are mostly from places I’ve traveled or gifts from friends. Some of them are silly and or kitschy, but they all remind me of amazing things I’ve gotten to do and the people that I love.

1. Puppet from my friend who spend a year in India

2. Traditional craft made in Kyoto, Japan

3. Decor from a movie I worked on

4. Vintage curtain tie-backs I bought when I moved in with my boyfriend

5. Bunting made by me and my sister for a craft sale

If I had to pick one handmade object that is my favorite right now, it would be my very first quilt.  I started picking out the fabric in September and just finished sewing the binding right before my sister’s graduation in June! I wanted to make her something special to celebrate her high school graduation and for her to take with her to college next year. I’m not sure why I decided on a quilt, maybe because I knew it would be a challenge. Or maybe it was because I knew she was looking at colleges where the winter would be colder than she is used to.

Once I started I was determined to have it finished by the time she was heading off to school. Although it’s far from perfect, I really enjoyed the process of seeing the quilt come together. It makes me happy to know that she will have it with her on this next stage of her life.  I’m so proud of all of her hard work and also very excited that she will be going to school nearby!

Since being in this contest I’ve been looking at lots of fabric and now I’m itching to make a second quilt! I’m thinking a nice picnic quilt. Thanks again to the judges for all their feedback and everyone who’s stopped by to vote! I’m having a lot of fun with my flea market patterns, so come check them out next week!

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One comment on “Jessica Pollak’s Favorite Handmade Object

  1. Cheryl pollak on said:

    Hey Jess, I didn’t know you did quilts. I love the one you did for Claire gorgeous ! She will be so happy to have it at school next year. Have you seen mine? Next time you come remind me to show you. Also since I’m working on another one maybe you can show me how you quilted on the back. Love, Aunt Cheryl

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