In the studio with MaJo

Hi everyone!

I’m so happy to be part of this amazing competition and can’t wait to show you my work for challenge #1. However, this post is suppose to be about something else, right? It’s about showing you my studio: every designer’s creative cave. I have bad news though… I don’t really have one (even if I’m dying and praying for one, hihihi).

I live in a small apartment together with my best friend in Milan, so there’s no much space for me to really invade and consider a studio. Nonetheless, I’ve adapted (in the meanwhile that I can afford my own tiny space to work in… I do miss that) and have built a kind of NOMADIC STUDIO. ‘A what?’ you might all be thinking; it is a set of must-have materials and devices I need to be able to work, and that can easily be taken wherever I go (from the living-room to the  bedroom, from Milan to Bogotá to anywhere in the world! – I wish! Travelling is one of my biggest passions so I try and dream of doing it as often as I can).

my nomadic studio... it all fits in a backpack :)

my nomadic studio… it all fits in a backpack. Isn’t that awesome?

        • my macbook pro (one of my babies o.O)
        • sketchbook and plain white paper
        • pencil, rubber
        • black pens (various point sizes)
        • colors (pencils, pens, markers, etc)
        • iPad and stylus (with a scanning app installed)
        • tape, scissors, glue
        • iPhone/digital camera (not in the picture ’cause I was obviously using it – lol)
this is the wall I've taken over at my parent's house during my latest trip to Bogota :)

this is the wall I’ve taken over at my parent’s house during my latest trip to Bogota

When I need (and can), I take a wall (or two) and turn it into an inspiration board. I use paper tape to attach magazine and/or catalogue cuts and materials I feel drawn to.

research material

research material

When I can’t use a wall, I just take books/magazines with me, collect some material samples (like flowers) and/or take pictures with my iPhone (or digital camera… whichever happens to be in my bag) :P

inspiration samples

inspiration samples

In conclusion, as much as I desire and dream of a studio, I can still explore, imagine and create from wherever I am; turning the place I’m in, into my temporary workshop :)

creativity time!

The studio will eventually come, and when it does… it’ll be my creativity temple!

About MaJo BV

Fashion, Textile and Surface Pattern Designer in L♥VE with whimsical, bright, quirky, fun design, nails, dogs and fake eyelashes :)
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28 comments on “In the studio with MaJo

  1. Lovely space Majo, I’m sure the studio space will come. I am currently carving out a spot in our tiny little home. I feel like a traveling gipsey as move around the house with all of my supplies, but I’m sure my space will come when the time is right. Enjoyed your post, and looking forward to your new designs. Best of luck!

  2. Yay! Nice to see your workspace, Majo. I have a picture of you as a very modern girl and this proves it to be true. Very inspired by all the traveling/working on the road of the other designers!

  3. Lovely place and really inspiring wall!

  4. Hi Majo, such a lovely post and very interesting to see how you create all those super designs!

  5. Lovely space…! keep dreaming and Believe!

  6. Great to see your way of working modern girl :-) , very inspiring…. great inspiration board! Let the new designs come and flow!! Most of success in the Printed Bolt!!

  7. LOVE your tour- it’s so upbeat and your studio is so portable- how perfect! Love the PINK overtones… I’m a big fan of this colour!!! Sounds like being a nomad is very inspiring and fun– love to hear about the tools you use for your designing. I’m going to look into scan app for ipad- sounds awesome. I use adobe ideas too- it’s great and the drawings are vectors right away!!! i’m really bad with a tablet though- my hand and eye get super confused!! :) Thanks for this tour Majo- looking forward to seeing your design!!!!

    • I’m a huge PINK lover, but I have to admit they were plain luck and light games the pictures’ pink overtones, hehehe. I know what you mean about the tablet… it wasn’t easy at first, it’s a matter of getting use to it ;)

  8. Carrie Tasman on said:

    Majo, amazing what you create in whatever space you are inhabiting! Fun to see you inspiration wall!

  9. Lovely space, Majo. And love your wall x

  10. anastella on said:

    MaJo muchas felicidades, espectacular el espacio y muchos exitos en el diseno, besossssss

  11. Increible Majo you are a Maga!
    Majo the magician, all hidden in a backpack, but with the magic pockets of imagination + dreams. This type of freedom of movement is called serious play and that is actually where some serious art is born. So wonderful!

    • hahahah… a maga…
      you know, my lifetime dog’s name was Bruja (witch)? I guess she rubbed some of her magic on me :)
      thanks Lisa for the nice comment

  12. It’s nice to know a little bit more about you and your designing process, how you look for inspiration and how you take advantage of all the things that surrounds you!

  13. My Majo, you don’t need a special place because any place become special with yogur creativity, wonderful ideas and your passion and all of This is what a studio requires. Your space looks amazing.

  14. Holly Helgeson on said:

    LOVE your Nomadic Studio MaJo!! Completely versatile! Yes, modern girl suits you! I love your free spirit and fresh take on design! Can’t wait to see your design for our first Challenge! Honored to be in the competition with you!
    Holly :)

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