In the Studio With Kim Andersson

Welcome, come on in!
Tea? Coffee?

I’m so excited to be a part of the REPEAT(ed) competition!

I share the office/ studio with my husband, though I definitely have the lions share as this is MY work space. I LOVE my desk. It’s big and let’s me spread out all my reference and it’s danish and it was a bargain! (Cheaper than Ikea. Really!)


Welcome to my studio…

When I design I become a collector. Collecting inspiring images on my computer desktop, in folders on top of my desk, in my phone, in my note book. Then I edit down to what really resonates with me, what is saying ‘make this pattern’!

Sketching with a cup of tea.

Sketching with a cup of tea.

Sometimes I design totally on the computer, I use Photoshop or Illustrator, other times it’s a hybrid process of hand drawing, painting then scanning into Photoshop. As I get started on patterns I’ll print them out, write notes on them, try new things, print them out again, stick them on the wall, look at them on the floor…

I attach images on the wall for inspiration, depending what I’m working on. I’ll also tape quilts and quilt pieces in progress to the wall so that I can stand back and see them with some distance. As you can see in the top photo, I’ve taped the front of my quilt on the wall. I’m in the process of designing the back for it and the quilting. It is from this quilt design that my geometric half square triangles pattern was formed (see it here).

Since moving here from Australia I’ve been a little book crazed. Books are so much cheaper here in the US! I now have a great collection of craft and design books.


Books + Fabric = Happiness

Also my fabric stash has grown exponentially (no that’s not all of my stash on these shelves), again, fabric prices here are a dream. Sometimes I plan to arrange them by color, but then I love mixing them up or putting them in collection piles. It fascinates me the patterns that designers put together in a collection.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my studio. I can’t wait to show you the designs I’ve been working on!

P.S. Yes, I tidied up just for you  : )


Lego mascots cheering me on

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11 comments on “In the Studio With Kim Andersson

  1. Legos! I think there is a theme in TPB! Love your space, Kim… and impressed you can share it (I assume well) with hubby. Great description of gathering for inspiration I do that too, maybe it’s like Daniel Day Lewis. Becomes that character/pattern! Excited to see your pattern!

  2. Kim!!! THAT QUILT is freaking beautiful!!!!!!! ARGH!!!! Oh my goodness I want that quilt!! Or to make one exactly the same!!!! WOW!!!! Great space, awesome tour. Love your desk- I love it when 2nd hand is cheaper and SO much better than Ikea. Though I am not knocking the ikea, without whom I would be MUCH less organized, quite frankly! Your book and fabric shelves are very tantalizing- your fabric stash looks specktack! I also love that chair! And your mug- I MIGHT have that same pattern on tumblers! I also love the fabric behind your bio pic… I am a fan of the Finns too! Thanks so much for inviting us into your lovely space… really looking forward to your design for the first challenge – only one week away eek!

    • Thanks Kate! Can’t wait to have some time to sew the back. Will post pics of the back and the quilting when they get done :)
      You could totally make one! It’s all half square triangles put together as 10inch blocks.

  3. What a lovely space. I am in total envy mode right now!

  4. Hi Kim, great interview, great space. I love the fabric design behind you in your picture. I’ve seen it before in a magazine but can’t think where? I had’nt realised that you were in the challenge too! Good luck Dawn x

  5. Christina on said:

    Love it, Kim, such beautiful colours and patterns. Table is awesome too, can’t have too much Danish Design. Must go through all those fantastic books next time we visit! Christinax

  6. Alice Murphy on said:

    Love everything about your studio Kim and completely understand you about the cost of books and fabric (and everything else) in Australia. I stick to the library for books here and they are thankfully open to suggestions when it comes to adding to their collection.

    Loving the Lego too! Would you believe I just moved out of an apartment above a lego shop? I think Nicky might be onto something with the lego theme :)

  7. Beautiful Kim! best of luck I will be cheering for you as well!
    Rosie Martinez-Dekker

  8. ok, so let’s start with the lego mascots… they are so adorably fun hahahah.
    then the quilt front on the wall… IT IS GORGEOUS!!! I would love to start one just like that… unfortunately, fabric in Italy isn’t as cheap as in the States. I do have a moderate stash of fabric, so I could start one with what I have. Would be a nice learning exercises :)
    now your desk… WHAT A BEAUTY!!! and cheaper than ikea? wow!
    I too become a collector when designing… I just overload all my tech gadgets with inspiration images, pictures I take myself and then every surface around me with magazine/catalog cuts and sketches, lol.
    At the end, creative minds do have some similarities, right?
    Nice to be invited into your studio, thanks Kim.

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