In the Studio with Jessica Pollak

Jessica Pollak, textile designerFirst of all Congrats to Michele for winning round one! She did such a wonderful job on the concept of her designs and I adore her palette in “twisted abode.”  I’m so excited to be moving on to round two!  

Desk, Studio, Computer, Fabric DesignWelcome to my studio!  It’s the sunniest room in the apartment, has a nice breeze in the spring and it’s where I spend most of my time.  I share it with my boyfriend, he’s also an artist!  When we first moved in together I took up about ⅓ the space and he needed the rest.  At some point I started needing more space for sewing and storing items for my etsy shop.  He graciously downsized and now I take up about ¾ of the room.

studio wall, inspiration board, textile designerThis wall is my inspiration board.  I tape up things I like from paint swatches, magazine photos, postcards and concert tickets. Anything that makes me happy and inspires me.  I’ll also tape up pieces I’m working on because sometimes it really helps to hang something upside down and step back!

photo supplies, studio, textile designerI love working by hand and refused to use the computer for many years. Now I finish all of my work digitally because its just so much easier to change color and composition.  Last year I bought a monitor so I could have two screens to work from. Huge improvement!  Even though my computer has become a major tool in my work, I still start all of my work by hand because I love drawing in my sketchbook!  Above are some of my favorite tools for sketching and inking my drawings including my sketchbook and my favorite pencil case!

Thanks again to everyone who came to look at all of our patterns and vote!  Also, a big thanks to the judges for providing really useful feedback!  I will definitely keep their comments in mind when working on my “Industrial Revolution” pattern!

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2 comments on “In the Studio with Jessica Pollak

  1. Michele Rosenboom on said:

    Thank you for the kind words, Jessica. You have an absolutely beautiful inspiration wall (and I have some serious chair envy)…I want to work in your studio!

  2. Jessica on said:

    Thanks Michele! So far the chair has been a really good investment!

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