In the Studio with Jessica Majers

Hello! Welcome to my studio space.

I recently moved into a little one bedroom apartment in Oakland after 9 years of living with many roommates across the bay in San Francisco.  Having my own space and being able to spread my crafting supplies all over my home is such a treat.


I tend to do a lot of my work sitting on the couch, often with a favorite podcast playing or the television on.  This might seem like a strange way to work, but it all goes back to my childhood.  As a kid my mom allowed me to watch as much PBS as I wanted, so long as I was drawing or crafting.  As an adult working with the distraction of a TV program or podcast is really comforting.  I am also surrounded by all of my favorite design books, craft supplies and inspiring nick-nacks. Above my television is a framed photo of my hero, Jim Henson.  He’s a great reminder that having passion and a pioneering spirit can take you a long way.


Behind my couch I have a small sewing desk where I can also set up my computer for times when a desk is needed.  Above this area is a big space for hanging inspirational images, sketches and drawing/sewing tools.  I love finding inspiration in vintage magazines and handicrafts.


I like to begin designing with hand sketches using pencils, pens and markers.  I then scan them and continue working with them in Photoshop and Illustrator.  I love the way the imperfections of hand drawing add character to a project.  There’s always a life to drawings I begin by hand that is absent when I start a drawing in Illustrator.  If I find myself getting stuck I will open one of my favorite design or art books.  Thumbing through my collection of Mollie Makes and Bust Magazine is another sure-fire way to find inspiration.

Thanks so much for checking out my studio space!

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4 comments on “In the Studio with Jessica Majers

  1. Nice workspace and house, Jessica! Looks so peaceful and I like hearing about your affinity for Jim Henson and design process. Hope to meet you sometime during this— we could get together with Kim!

  2. Your studio/flat is soooooo cute!!! It looks very warm and welcoming and like a nice place to work in. I like your inspiration wall very much… especially your vintage images :)

  3. Hi Jessica! I love how your photos are vintage-y and match the vibe of your space! so cozy and warm. Is that a jim henson skateboard too? so cool!!! i’m also a podcast addict. what are your faves? i listen to Q (it’s canadian!) and I’m a bust subscriber too!!! I dont know Mollie Makes… will def check it out!! Thanks for the tour!!! Looking forward to your designs!

  4. Holly Helgeson on said:

    Hi Jessica! Oh, I love Jim Henson too….ever since I was a little girl! Your house and work spaces look so cozy and inspirational! I love all of your design books and magazines! I get lots of wonderful ideas from mine too! So looking forward to seeing more of your designs!
    Holly :)

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