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My workspace is divided in two – I have my business-y computer-y side where papers can pile up and things stay relatively free of paint and glue and pencil shavings, and I have the artwork side where the color lives and nothing is safe.

Emily Herr, Studio, work space I love hiding and stowing and tucking everything away in nooks and crannies, so you get things like this little guy (made by the lovely batty):

put a bird on itI also think it’s important to surround myself with beautiful things that inspire me – it’s so easy just to save intriguing images to a folder on my desktop, but then I never see them again. So, I’m slowly printing them all out and pinning them up where they can get into my brain a little more easily.

pin board, inspiration, emily herrTHOUGHTS ON TINY DWELLINGS

The tiny dwellings challenge was a lot of fun to think about (see the sentiment about nooks and crannies), but I think I need simplify my imagery a little more – work a little more graphically. What do you think? Do you prefer simple, graphic motifs, or more intricate, complex patterns?

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2 comments on “In the Studio with Emily Herr

  1. Donna Langford on said:

    Simple and complex designs each have their place in a quilt and even within a fabric line. Simple motifs can coordinate and complement the more complex. What I really appreciate is the creativity that shines through the designs and the masterful use of color whether the design is simple or complex.

  2. Michele Rosenboom on said:

    Loved your studio tour. Your inspiration wall is amazing!
    Your patterns from last challenge were very intriguing – so textural and detailed. I wanted to see the detail up close. It seems like there is a place for detailed patterns in quilting since it relies so heavily on gradation and contrast of color and value. If textural and detailed is what you’re good at, I wouldn’t abandon it – I would just hone it! Whatever technique you decide to go for next, good luck!

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