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rebeccangI don’t quite have a proper studio that I work out of. My work set-up is generally my MacBook and I; in living room, in front of the TV, the bedroom or the spare room… wherever is most convenient. I’ve been living between Melbourne and Jakarta (where my husband works) for the past year, so I’ve quickly adapted to working anywhere. But my current spot I’ve set-up temporarily, while I’m here in Melbourne, is a small nook in one of our spare rooms. The other half of the room is filled with a bit of clutter (that slowly needs some sorting through), but I’m quite happy to work in this small space. There’s lots of natural light throughout the day, although now with my daughter, I tend to work mostly at night.

RebeccaNg_Studio_1 RebeccaNg_Studio_3 RebeccaNg_Studio_2

I have quite an extensive stash of fabric and plenty of pattern/design books to draw inspiration from. There’s also Pinterest, lots of websites and blogs that I love to visit and see what’s happening in the world of pattern design. My favourite blog is Print & Pattern, which I was lucky to be featured in last year. I also take lots of snaps with my phone when I’m out and about, which gives me ideas for new designs.

(Here’s an example of a pattern I created. First I draw motifs onto tracing paper and some gouache dots onto paper, which are both scanned into the computer. Then it’s traced into Illustrator and the gouache dots added to create the final pattern)

Sometimes I start out a design by drawing on paper; then I scan and trace it in Illustrator to start creating the motifs to form the pattern. Other times I’ll draw straight onto the computer. Since a dear friend of mine gave me a Wacom tablet for my birthday, I’ve found it so easy to draw onto the computer and now couldn’t live without it. I find creating patterns can be quite challenging but thoroughly interesting and enjoyable process; from finding the right motifs, getting the right repeat/spacing to selecting a visually appealing colour palette.


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5 comments on “In the studio with Beck

  1. Becca… I know what you mean! I’ve had to adapt to working here and there too for various reasons, but one of the most important one is also the fact that I travel too and often go back home in Colombia for at least a month. Being there for long periods means I have to work there too, and so I have had to find a way to be able to do so wherever I go. It’s nice to see how at the end we are all similar in many ways :)

  2. Nice pattern example, Rebecca! Would love to see what you sew with that pretty fabric. I’m amazed by people who live in two places like you and Majo.

  3. I’m enjoying reading all the studio posts so far. I have fabric I screen printed but too scared to cut & use it!! And I hope one day I can have my own studio space, but it’s nice to know we’re all still able to keep designing no matter our set-up!

  4. Beck I love your fabric! Great tour- love how you showed the evolution of a pattern, it looks so cool. Your space is so nice light and airy– so loevly! Your daughter is SO cute holy moly. How old is she? I have a 15 month old– super cute age, but truly busy and no work gets done while he’s up and about- I relate to working at night (i also do nap work)! So looking forward to your design for the challenge– yay!

  5. Holly Helgeson on said:

    I love your studio post Beck! I too have kiddos, so working at night is what I do too. I am amazed how you are able to get work done living in two places. You are truly an inspiration. I love how you illustrated your pattern evolution. I also treasure my Wacom!! Wow…I never knew the design freedom capabilities until I got one! And, since my kids can’t figure out how to work it, it keeps them off of my computer….teehee. Can’t wait to see more of your designs! Oh, congrats on being featured on Print & Pattern! I too adore that blog and own both books!
    Holly :)

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