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NickyOvittI’m tackling this post in the last possible moments of the deadline, as it’s been difficult to look forward lately. Sometimes things happen in life which take the wind out of you. A harsh reminder: “what’s really important, anyway?” This has been the case since late March and has tarnished my bright shiny views while putting a damper on my obsessive forward momentum. An absolutely irreplaceable person in my life has been diagnosed with cancer… again. Another cherished friend has also begun her battle. Anyone who has had someone close to them go through this despicable illness will instantly understand. Anyone who has not— consider yourself fortunate and I hope that the blessing will continue for you and yours.

This week’s assignment was to write about our hopes and dreams beyond REPEAT(ed.) In my March 25 blog post I talked a lot about about my goals. Today I’ll add that I’ve been thankful to receive the valuable written suggestions and comments from the judges and mentors. Ellen had very nice things to say about my unique style while also pointing out that sometimes it may seem more appropriate for paper than fabric. I agree. And I’ve done enough research to know that multiple streams of income are essential in supporting myself, so plans to license my designs beyond fabric are definitely underway.

Jill Bliss and Geninne are both artists I admire with very recognizable styles who successfully license their art to be sold on a wide variety of products, some of my favorites being their beautiful art prints and stationery lines for Chronicle Books and Galison, respectively.

NickyOvitt_Oh-PetalumaFramed prints came to mind when I created this design last week to enter in an exhibition at one of my favorite local downtown stores called Heebe Jeebe. The theme was “The Farm Show.” You can download a free May desktop calendar of this expanded design on my blog.

I will end this post with a photo of a precious baby quilt my mom made. She was only 20 years old and already such a talented artist.

Take care, spread love.


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10 comments on “Hope. Nicky Ovitt

  1. Nicky, my heart goes out to you…sometimes life feels cruel and at those times it’s important to stand together. Please know that I’m praying for your friends well being. I love your mothers quilt, hear is a toast “to shining through the dark times”

  2. Janiece Senn on said:

    I’m rooting for you Nicky. I am a firm believer in not following the crowd and your designs are great for fabric. I am also a 5 year cancer survivor. It left me physically weaker but spiritually much stronger and I have no regrets. I wish your loved ones the best. I hope others see your work as unique and value the fact that you are not a carbon copy of so many others. Please know I am not referencing anyone else in the contest with this statement but more the judges critique. Why do what others have already done? Just sayin.

  3. You are a very talented and versatile lady, lucky that your style can be suited to many sectors of the design world! Keep walking the road you are on and best wished for your loved ones. Dawn

  4. That baby quilt is absolutely magnificent- a treasure!!!! Love it!!!! Adore it! Great post Nicky. Sorry to hear about your friends illnesses-sending hope for speedy and pain-free recovery for all.

  5. Rebecca Ng on said:

    Hi Nicky,
    Thanks for such a touching and honest post. I am sure going through tough times will make you stronger. Your design and talent will always be there even if it takes a back seat with other things in life

  6. Very moving post Nicky and wishing good healings all around you.
    Love the Petaluma poster, the chickens and those baby chicks and lamb…just adorable.

  7. Thank you all for the kindness, support, and caring wisdom.

  8. Going to post this on my FB Timeline for my friends, specially the farm and pet friends.

    Many prayers for your friends, it is very difficult… but are managing beautifully.
    Wonderful design Nicky you have such a fresh and soothing style. A perfect visual antidote for stressful moments and a reminder that life does keep on clipping by.
    Many hugs!

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