Guest Judge Proflie: Modern Quilt Studios

Madeleine randomly discovered Bill Kerr and Weeks Ringle from Modern Quilt Studio, previously Fun Quilts, right after she made her first official quilt. She was in the local Ben Franklins (back when she lived out in Wyoming) and noticed a small sign by the cutting table about a quilt lecture that evening at the local community college. She scribbled down the time and location and that evening headed off to the lecture without a clue about who was talking. Well it turned out to be Bill and Weeks and she was blown away by what they were doing. There work was fresh, clean and bright. They didn’t fit the stereotype and she loved it. They gave her a whole new perspective on what quilting could be and she realized for the first time that people had careers in quilting.

After the lecture they announced that there was still a spot left in the workshop the following day and she bolted to the front as soon it was all finished and got the last spot in the workshop. If you ever get a chance to take a workshop with these two, do it! That chance encounter planted the seeds and has lead to where she is today. She is hoping to be able to take another workshop, maybe at QuiltCon?

Ellen had the wonderful opportunity to interview Weeks at Spring Quilt Market for Kim Kight over on TrueUp and she left just as impressed and enthralled as Madeleine. They have a vast amount of experience between them and will be able to provide excellent feedback and advice for our blossoming designers.

P.S. If you haven’t run across their magazine Modern Quilts Illustrated you should seek it out. Also, Weeks has a great little blog here where you can learn all sorts of delightful things.

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One comment on “Guest Judge Proflie: Modern Quilt Studios

  1. Donna Langford on said:

    Ditto on the workshop! I took a two day workshop with Bill and enjoyed every minute. Bill and Weeks are so creative and their enthusiasm for quilting is easily shared.

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