GIVEAWAY: Aurifil Thread + TPB Tote

Two rounds of competition down and lots more excitement to come!

You want this...

We have some Aurifil thread and a screen printed TPB/REPEAT tote bag that we want to give to YOU…For a chance to win, all you have to do is leave a comment with your favorite fabric design of REPEAT so far and what your dream project with that fabric would be!

Giveaway closes on Wednesday April 25th at midnight EST.

If you need the fabric to make your dream project a reality, visit our Spoonflower Shop!

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15 comments on “GIVEAWAY: Aurifil Thread + TPB Tote

  1. Vanessa on said:

    I can see Michele Rosenboom’s Undulate as a summer dress for me and a coordinating dress in Twisted Adobe for my daughter!

  2. Emily Herr’s, Petite Planetes.. I know it’s not a halloween themed print, but I love to do halloween projects and feel this great print would work well in one of my projects.

  3. Michelle H. on said:

    Love Krissy Callahan’s “Block Party”. I’d love to make pull shades for my kitchen with them and then fashion some soft yellow curtains with “Block Party” tiebacks to frame the beauty.

  4. I love Michele Rosenboom’s Mechanized Embellishment. I would use the second color combination for dinner napkins or maybe even a duvet cover. I like how the gears are so well integrated into an organic pattern. Seemingly opposites, but the Industrial Revolution did give some women more time to enjoy and create beautiful things.

  5. Alexandrea M on said:

    I’d go with block party, and I think I’d want to tinker with incorporating it with coordinating solids into a very very modern quilt for a twist. Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. Erica on said:

    I would LOVE to use Leah Sorensen-Hayes’ Mold Cast in mustard/grey for a new tote bag! The colors are incredible and the transparency of the pattern is very creative.

  7. I like the Petites Planetes print and I would make a quilt with it of course! I think I would use that print plus some black, grey, and bright pink. I’m not sure what type of squares I would use but I think something squarish ….

  8. Sheila on said:

    I love Emelia’s Anemone. I think it would be a great shower curtain, and pillows… Lots of pillows to take a nap on. It would also make a really cute little clutch. And a little roll bag for my colored pencils. And it would be awesome to work into a quilt.

  9. I would love to upholster a chair in the twisted abode print! It would make marvelous pillows, too.

  10. Emily P on said:

    The Twisted Adobe and Undulate by Michele for a beach bag would be so fun :)

  11. I love this:
    with the little teepees:)

    I would make a wee pair of boy’s shorts, I think.

  12. I am thinking that krissy Callahan’s shoeville would be fun to incorporate into the low volume quilt I am planning. Plus it just makes me smile.

  13. I’d have to pick the block party. With it I would love to make a little coat for a little girl. Mostly solids in colors that match the print on the outside and the block party used for the lining with some peaking out of the upturned cuffs and pocket linings. Gosh, that’d be cute!

  14. Donna Langford on said:

    Michele Rosenboom’s Mechanized Revolution would be a fabulous focus print in a quilt with coordinating pillows! Solid colors would set off the print and her color palettes provide a lot of possibilities!

  15. I would use Emelia’s jacquard in the orange / green
    colorway to make a contemporary quilt of triangles
    using her fabric in differnt directions & pairing it with
    coordinating solids.

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