Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!

fat quarter shop, gift certficate, giveawayEveryone knows you can never have too much fabric!  The Printed Bolt strongly supports all sewists keeping a massive stash of beautiful prints for any and all sewing adventures.  Add to your stockpile by leaving a comment describing where you sew for a chance to win a $50 gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!  With patterns, fabric, loads of pre-cuts and more, check out all the Fat Quarter Shop has to offer and cross your fingers you win!

Leave your comment before Sunday April 15th at 12:00 AM EST!

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63 comments on “Giveaway: $50 Gift Certificate to Fat Quarter Shop!

  1. My sewing area is an area we converted from the old kitchen in our house. It has lots of natural light which is a must have in my book:)

  2. My sewing area has moved a lot in the last several years. Currently it’s up stairs in our loft with the TV. I’m sure the serger going right in the middle of a good tv show is driving my family batty… but for now there is really no other option. :)

  3. Andee McKenica on said:

    Our living room has become my sewing room. It’s in the front of the house with a huge windows for great natural light. I need to provide my own “natural” light for evening sewing!

  4. We have a roomed deemed the ‘family room ‘ my boys watch Tv there and I have the back half of that space to sew in. It is a narrow area that stores my fabric and supplies. I use my ironing board as a work surface and cutting surface. For big projects I take my large cutting mat to my kitchen table. Aside from the occasional smelly socks it works well.

  5. Right now I have a small sewing room upstairs but that is just where my stuff is. I bought a new machine and find the light the best in my dining room so that is where I do most of my piecing.

  6. I’ll have to echo several other posters….
    our dining room table is my favorite place
    to set up my Viking & go to work. I have a
    small workroom but when I sew I feel very
    isolated there. I use it more for storage !

  7. Rachel on said:

    My son’s room! He went off to college. It’s small, but a haven.

  8. stephanie costello on said:

    i have just moved house and now have a small space off the master bedroom, got tons of natural light…loving it.

  9. Aditi on said:

    My sewing area is in my walk-out basement. My sewing machine is set up between two huge windows, so I get lots of natural light, but no harsh heat on my Pfaff! I have a little work triangle set up between the cutting table, ironing board, and sewing machine. With some additional space for the serger. It works very well for me!

  10. I have taken over most of our dining room and part of the kitchen area. I have my long arm set up in our dining room and my main sewing area is in right off of our kitchen. Thank goodness I have an understanding husband who doesn’t mind me taking over! One day I hope to have a real sewing studio!

  11. Rhonda D. on said:

    We live in an apartment. I have a corner of our bedroom set up, with my 2 treadles,
    dsm, and a cutting table. It is small, but it works out fine. I keep my fabric stash in a portion of my walk-in closet shelves. Great giveaway!! Thanks for the chance to win!!

  12. I’m fortunate now to have a spare bedroom as a sewing studio. Most of my sewing is done there, but I occasionally move a machine out to the dining room so I can be a little more social with the hubby! ;-)

  13. My sewing room used to be what we called the “great room” because it is the largest room in the house. Now, it’s called the “sewing room.” :) It’s above the connected 2 car garage. It has a couch, TV, computer and all my sewing stuff. It’s getting very crowded in there!

  14. Wehaf on said:

    When I sew I pull out my machine and set up shop in the dining room.

  15. Terri on said:

    I sew in our unfinished basement. Although its not beautiful, it has lots of space for tables and cabinets.

  16. Lynn M on said:

    My sewing area is downstairs which has lots of windows. My stash, ironing board, and cutting stations all within easy reach of my sewing machine & cabinet in the back half in full view of the TV. Love it.

  17. Becky Greene on said:

    I am supposed to be sewing in a dark corner of the basement with a flourescent light overhead, but I casually put my sewing table in the corner of the living room and no one has said anything… yet :-) I am set up in frnoi of a window looking out on the backyard with a view of an occasional passing deer (not too bad!).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  18. Marty L. on said:

    My sewing area is the tiny corner of our ‘computer room’ that one day in the far-long-ago, was a laundry room. It is cramped, but on the other hand, everything is pretty close at hand. When I inherited much of my mom’s fabric stash, it moved to the basement. Not too bad…

  19. Terry Kessinger on said:

    Our son’s room, our third bedroom is being converted to finally house all of my work. I’ve pulled bins from closets, the basement, and every other nook and cranny to discover long lost projects and re-inspire. After deliberation, my room has a name. Not craft or sewing room (tho those are wonderful), but it is now called my STUDIO! My kitchen table is still my largest surface, but I am looking forward to many hours spent in my new space.

  20. Michelle H. on said:

    I’m brand new to sewing and just set up a small spot in our bungalow attic near the front windows….I have an old desk and table set up and I put a rug down on the floor. There’s no heat or air conditioning up there so I’m going to have to put a window air conditioner up there this summer or move downstairs to the dining room.

  21. I converted our dining room into my studio a couple of years ago and it’s been a very lovely space to sew. I’d love to have a bigger space but I really can’t complain :)

  22. Technically, I have a sewing room, but it is too cold in the winter and too hot in the summer, so I usually end up sewing at a table in the corner of the dining room.

  23. I have one quilt room, not big enough to call a quilt studio, and I claimed part of the living room for my Jasmine Heirloom Quilt frame Alice. My spouse is in return allowed to use the window seals for seedlings for the garden. ;-)

  24. Beth T. on said:

    I commandeered our dining room, which is now my sewing room. (AKA ‘the sweat shop’, if you ask my sweetheart.) It is adjacent to our living room, so I can listen to the baseball game on tv, talk with my family, and be a part of things while I quilt. It works perfectly, except that I can’t hide the chaos. It’s a great thing that we’ve learned to live with it.

  25. Gunilla on said:

    I sew in the basement, in a room where I have my sewing machine up all the time. There is a small window overlooking all the weeds needing to be taken care of, in the garden. That is easily forgotten though, cutting fabric and sewing! Thanks for a great giveaway!!!

  26. I’m lucky to have a spare bedroom in my flat and use it as my sewing room. It’s supposed to be the guest room but it’s invaded by my sewing things….

  27. We have a spare bedroom and I sew in there. We made a sewing table out of IKEA bookshelves and a board. The extra room was supposed to contain my mess, but I still have quilt tops in pretty much ever room of the house!

  28. Ramona on said:

    I’m sewing in my daughter’s old bedroom. It is stuffed wall to wall with shelves for fabric bins and gadget boxes and three tables together for sewing and cutting area. Very tight!
    Thanks for the chance to win with Fat Quarter Shop. They have an amazing selection.

  29. Amanda on said:

    My sewing room is in a spare bedroom we used as an office/junk space. It is in the process of becoming a great sewing room- I just gotta get our “junk” out and convince my husband that the entire space is essential for my sewing projects! :-)

  30. Luciane on said:

    My sewing area is the guest’s room.

  31. Luciane on said:

    my sewing area is the guest’s room

  32. addibrae on said:

    I do all my sewing in the living room, although most of my stuff is stored elsewhere.

  33. I have a split “workshop” with my husband. I have a sewing and cutting table and he has an electronics bench and tool bench. We hang out there on cold MN winter days with the fire place roaring and spend the day working and listening to podcasts.

  34. My sewing room is my daughters old bedroom.. I have added rollaway shelves a 42″ TV that we weren’t using anymore.. I am in the process of trying to clean up my stash and have a better system to see my fabrics.. and get a scrap bin organized to make a log cabin quilt of scraps.

  35. I have taken over our guest room as my sewing room. With 3 little ones under 5 and a sewing business, I needed a place that I could keep all of my “stuff” handy, but out of the littles’ hands. It’s wonderful to be able to close the door on my mess too! :)

  36. Alaine on said:

    I sew in our guest bedroom!
    family74014 at gmail dot com

  37. Cynthia on said:

    Wherever I can! I have a lovely pink and brown sewing and craft room in my basement but generally I find I am setting up the sewing machine in the kitchen so I can be in the midst of all my kids activity. I need a better set up!

  38. I sew at my dining room table. I’m much happier with the things I make there than in the kitchen anyway.

  39. Emily P on said:

    My sewing area is on and under and around a bar in our basement. I sew while standing, but so far it is working for me.

  40. In my studio! When we finished our basement my husband built me a room just for sewing and painting. I LOVE IT! Plus it gave us back our dining room. My daughter has set up her machine in the “man cave” part of the basement. Guess it is not so manly with fabric and projects laying around.

  41. Kris V on said:

    My sewing room is the tiny room outside the space that holds our furnace, water conditioner and manly tools, in the basement of my townhouse.

  42. My sewing room is currently the ‘to-be’ nursery! It’s too bad I’l have to move it to the spare room as it’s painted a relaxing blue and white and over looks our neighbourhood..

  43. I’m fortunate to have a room devoted to sewing. Although with my husband working from home, I have to share some of the space with him!

  44. Sharon P on said:

    I sew in my red and white sewing room – it’s outfitted with a futon and a TV so I can relax in there too

  45. Rhonda H. on said:

    Our little house is bursting at the seams so I keep all my sewing supplies, my machine, and my fabric bins in the bottom of my husband’s closet (good because it’s the only closet with any floor space left, bad because he can see my fabric addiction up close, ha ha ;>). And when I sew, I drag everything to the kitchen table and sew there! Thanks for chance to win this great giveaway; love FQS!

  46. I am lucky to have a dedicated room for sewing. I have my fabric organized in bins in the closet, cutting and sewing tables. And the best thing I can close the door and not worry about my mess when I am in the middle of a project.

  47. I sew at my dinning room table. There I have plenty of room for fabric to move around while I am sewing. If it is hand sewing, I sit on the couch and listen to music or a book on tape or podcast.

  48. My sewing room is my sanctuary. I have 4 machines (3 of which work!) – a beautiful red cabinet with double glass doors where I store all my fabric. A nice high cutting table and a bookshelf for all my books, WIPs, and UFOs. I even have a special plug installed for iron so I won’t blow the circuits in my house. I was able to design my sewing room to my specifications and it my favorite room in my house. Thanks for the chance!

  49. Lynn Z on said:

    I love my sewing room! It has very bright green, yellow, and blue walls with a rather wild border- perfect for a room in which I can create. I’m new to quilting so my first couple projects (“practice quilts”) included all the crazy colors in that room. We recently rebuilt the closet organizers in our daughters’ former bedrooms and my hubby used the old organizers to built a huge cutting/creating/scrapping/sewing table with lots of cubbies for storage. I could – and often do – spend an entire day in this “fun” room :)

  50. I sew in a combination laundry/sewing/kids’ playroom. I have all my stash stored in my basement, it was overflowing my sewing area and beginning to become an eyesore to my hubby. Now it is out of sight, for the most part.

  51. Cynthia on said:

    My sewing studio has moved around several times, but for now it is in a cordoned off section of the basement, with the main part being my children’s playroom. It actually works out perfect because it allows me to get my work done while my little one’s happily craft and build away a few feet away. I have to admit though, my sewing area is steadily creeping into their space :)

  52. robin on said:

    I just got a new sewing room – my son’s old bedroom. We repainted it a nice creamy color, and it has an east window so it feels nice and bright. I just love having my own space. I’ve got 2 Singer machines in there – my 2210 and a 401 from the 50′s. Also have a nice big collapsible cutting table that hubby made me, and a big closet with shelving that is super for storage. Thanks for the giveaway chance!

  53. My sewing room would normally be an extra bedroom in anyone else’s house. I am surrounded by fabric and things that inspire, and love being in there. It is at the opposite end of the house from my husband’s music studio. There are several doors in between our spaces. This is a good thing.

  54. Debbie Hetherington on said:

    My sewing room is in my sunroom. I live in a small apartment and am so glad to have this little space for sewing. It’s nice and bright. Thanks for the contest, I would love to win!!!

  55. Beth T. on said:

    My sewing room used to be our dining room. I like it even better this way.

  56. My sewing room is the sunniest room in the house. It overlooks the backyard so I can keep an eye on my girls while I sew. It’s small, but I’m so lucky to have my own room!

  57. I sew in my Girl Cave (adult stepson Jon’s former bedroom), but the kitchen table is my cutting table, and a tabletop ironing board on my kitchen counter is my pressing space. I do my hand sewing, applique and English paper piecing in an old easy chair in the living room near an Ott light. Hmm–I guess I sew almost everywhere except the bathroom.

  58. Lisa L on said:

    I took over my son’s room when he moved out on his own……….I miss him not living here with us…………BUT I LOVE my sewing room!!!

  59. Where do I sew? Mostly at my friend’s house! I have a whole small bedroom dedicated to my sewing stash and stuff, but am a social sewer. I bring sewing handwork to my knitting group (I’d rather sew than knit), I bring handwork to my book group (which I work on while we discuss the books), I bring handwork to the playground!, but mostly, I lug my machine and three to four projects over to my friend’s house every Thursday. All three of us have the middle name Jean and us Jean-sisters spend a good part of the day sewing, plus a hike and some lunch, every week! ~Audrey Jean

  60. This is so much fun following the design challenges and voting for a have each time. I wish I had had the time to get a portfolio together to throw my hat in the ring, but I’m happy to follow along for fun this time anyway!


  61. Diann Cornell on said:

    I sew on my dining room table.

  62. Suzanne on said:

    Would love to fill my new sewing room with fabric.

  63. I sew in my sewing room. I have a counter height table and do most of my sewing standing up. Thank you for the chance of a giveaway.

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