Getting down to the business end – Rebecca Ng

rebeccang-thumbFor starters, well done Kim on another win. You’ve definitely showed us what a talented designer you are!

As for me, I was pleasantly surprised to be selected in the Top 10, let alone to still be in the final four. I think the most valuable thing about this competition has been the feedback and support from the judges. I’ve entered my work in competitions before and am often left wondering ‘why wasn’t my design selected?’ – this competition leaves the guess work out. I have so much more to learn and trying to absorb as much as possible, while I’m still here, but I have a bit more confidence that surface pattern design is something I can do.

So why should I be in the final three? Gosh, I feel like I’m on one of those talent shows stating my case to stay on! Well, I think the challenges and feedback each round have pushed me to explore and design in ways I wouldn’t normally approach a brief. It was a great feeling to get such positive feedback from the last challenge; a design I wouldn’t have even thought about before this competition – so I’m not ready to stop yet. I love these challenges and really keen to see where my next designs take me and hopefully I can show something unique to the mix to get into the final 3!

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2 comments on “Getting down to the business end – Rebecca Ng

  1. sharon on said:

    good luck Rebecca … I’m enjoying following your journey and the judges feedback has been incredibly helpful for me too, as an observer.

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