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Some members of my family *might* say that I have too much stuff.  My many moves the last few years resulted in little hoards of precious things in Vermont, Arizona, and Nebraska.  Very recently, it all came back together in Ohio…

So, here’s my two favorite finds, one old and one new.  The first is not quite a flea market find, it’s one better.  Found on a curbside at Syracuse University, this awesome painting of La Sagrada Familia likely graced the walls of a professor’s office before landing in my home. Can’t even tell it spent some time on the street…

One of my more recent acquisitions is this awesome letter “e.”  This was actually at a flea market…The “e” used to be white on the inside, but I did what every flea marketeer does, spray paint their find, in this case candy red.

In trying to choose my best flea market finds, my smartass sister pointed out my two shelter mutts are the best flea market finds.  While they don’t have fleas, they were certainly finds…

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One comment on “flea market FINDS – Ellen Rushman

  1. Awww… agreed, on the critters. I think the curbside finds are my favorites. My family refuses to even slow down anymore when I spot stuff on a curb. So not cool.

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