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When I head to a quilt shop I expect to run across cat fabric and maybe a cat lady or two but I never had any intention of actually finding a cat, but watch out ladies because it could happen to you. You run in for a few yards of fabric and you walk out with a kitty (Okay, I am severely exaggerating on the last part-there was trapping and chasing and calls to the landlady before the kitty actually came home with me).

I have been filling maternity leave for Julie Owens (remember, she was one of our guest judges) out at The Udder Store quilt shop in Seward, NE. About a month ago, a kitty ran into the shop to take refugee from being attacked by birds. The kitty hide in the shop for over a week before it was chased out of hiding and caught.  Meanwhile, Jason had mentioned to me previously about how much he missed his old cat and I mentioned this. Before you know it the cat in hiding had become mine (and I hadn’t even seen it yet).

So I am not sure if I found a cat or the cat found me but there is no more hiding, she is definitely a social butterfly and wants all of your attention, unless she is focused on the fish and then you really should know better. She also enjoys 2 am paw parties, which got a little better after we trimmed her claws, but I am not as eager about these as she is.

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  1. hahaha. Awesome. BTW I finally subsribed to the blog. This way you’ll get more hits! I stopped reading for a little while when the contest was done. But I’m back!

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