Drinking tea with Alice

I was hoping for an open brief this time around because I’ve had this idea itching away in the back of my mind for a long time now. I think my best work is produced only after an idea has festered away in my mind for months or years and the subject has become almost an obsession.

I am like this with TEA.

my tea obsession is well documented on my instagram account.

my tea obsession is well documented on my instagram account.

There was a time in my life when I didn’t drink any tea at all. It was a drink that old people drank and I was young so preferred things like cordial and chocolate milk… or a nice glass of wine with dinner. Then in 2001 I went on exchange to Japan and drank tea all day of every day. I discovered that tea makes you feel great, especially when it is freezing cold and you are from the subtropics.

When I came back to Australia I was a tea fanatic. I became fascinated by anything related to tea. Ceramics, leaves, processing, serving, rituals, history, farming regions, etc, ect. If you ever meet me don’t start a conversation about tea unless you want me to completely nerd out and tell you obscure things that you don’t really care about…

I’ll start talking about my designs now I promise! It is a difficult because I haven’t actually done much yet. I’ve thought a lot about what I want to portray in my prints, but more in terms of feelings rather than words and haven’t done more than general doodles on paper exploring tea. These might make it into my prints or they might not, I tend to scribble pages and pages of stuff before I settle on the motifs that I’m going to use. Coming up with a colour palette takes me even longer.

At this stage I see my collection having a hand made quality with some geometric or tessellating motifs. I haven’t really touched colour yet so that will be a surprise to us both.

We have four patterns to create this time and I haven’t even really started the first so I better get to it! See you again when the final collections are published. Eeeek!

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One comment on “Drinking tea with Alice

  1. Oh Alice!
    I’m excited about this collection. I love obsessions and I’m looking forward to how you represent this important theme in your life!

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