In the Studio with Leah Sorensen-Hayes

Congratulations, Michele, on your double win and your elegant dwellings! And thank you, judges, for your very constructive feedback and analysis. It’s fascinating how many issues need to be juggled to make a fabric quilter-friendly, and how little a quilter (ok, me) analyzes the properties of a good quilting fabric while she’s slicing it into tiny pieces. Working through the Tiny Dwellings challenge raised those considerations from a gut-level “I like it” to an intellectual “Ohhh, that’s why it works” (or doesn’t) level.

On top of dissecting design elements, I’ve been juggling renovation and home dec details. Our basement (and my future studio) in our 100 year old bungalow has been a construction zone for many, many months. We had to start from scratch—jacking up the house and replacing the crumbling walls–but we’re almost done!

The Studio Before-n-Almost After

The lights are in, the walls are painted, and the carpet goes in this week!!! We’ve been living amidst homeless belongings for way too long. A lot of the basement refugees ended up in my quilt room, but, while my sewing machine is practically buried, I’ve managed to keep a narrow path cleared to my dinosaur-of-an-iMac where most of the digital designing happens.

The Digital Studio

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2 comments on “In the Studio with Leah Sorensen-Hayes

  1. Michele Rosenboom on said:

    Thank you, Leah! I have to hand it to you for tackling a remodel project that involved raising the entire house off it’s foundation. Most bungalows are gorgeous, so I’m sure it was worth the effort! Good luck!

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