Design Challenge Two: Krissy Callahan

Hustle and Bustle, Colorway One/Fat Quarter

Krissy Callahan, The Printed Bolt, Industrial revolution, phonograph, dynamite, sewing machine

Hustle and Bustle, Colorway Two/Fat Quarter

Krissy Callahan, The Printed Bolt, wheel, cotton, plus, minus, fabric, smoke stack

Hustle and Bustle, Colorway Three/Fat Quarter

Where as tiny dwellings started with immediate sketching and brain storms, the industrial revolution challenge was more of a slow burn. Not that the topic wasn’t inspiring, it just was that I wasn’t sure exactly what it meant.  I had a vague idea that went back to 10th grade history class, but those memories are more of the back of Stephen Dunkle’s head.   So I cracked ye olde’ history book, a.k.a. the internets, and found myself face to face with a ton of information and imagery.  I started making a collection of inventions/ideas that had shapes and functions that spoke to me personally.

Industrial revolution, kirssy callahan, the printed bolt
After sketching a ton of tools, machines and radishes, I saw a visual timeline appear before me depicting power and progress.

Krissy Callahan, sketch, the printed bolt
It was from my patchwork of sketches that I was inspired to create a “quilt” of imagery making up the whole of what spoke to me as the industrial revolution from 1700s to the end of the 1800s. My Hustle and Bustle design, in blue, pink and red, starts off in the very early 1700s with the dawn of crop rotations (the favorite being radish), includes advancements such as the spinning mule, dynamite, batteries (to name a few) and ends with the phonograph.

I hope you enjoy! (and that Stephen reads this ;) )


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