Design Challenge Two: Jessica Majers


For my second fabric design I chose the occupation Financial Advisor for inspiration.  You see, when I was younger I made the decision to attend a private art school even though I didn’t really have the funds for such an institution.  I graduated in 2008 into a miserable job market and a crashing economy.  After four years of struggling to find a stable job while still making exorbitant student loan payments and paying crazy high rent, I finally achieved some financial stability.  That’s when I was lucky enough to meet my financial advisor, Jirayr.  Jirayr helped me get my financial life back together when it all just seemed to complicated to handle.  One of the most effective tools he used to help explain my situation and options was charts/graphs.  Being able to visually picture my situation helped me understand exactly what was happening in my financial reality.

So, for my design, I chose my favorite kind of chart: Pie Charts!

Kaleidoscope Pie 10x10

Kaleidoscope Pie 10×10

Pie charts are not only an effective tool but they can be visually striking and beautiful.

Kaleidoscope Pie Detail

Kaleidoscope Pie Detail

When I started designing I tried out various types of graphs using paper collage.  Then I started playing with scale, color and layout:


Next I went digital to play some more:

Digital Pie

Digital Pie

After I had many pie charts that I found appealing, I selected a few of my favorites and started playing.  I experimented with different numbers of grouping and different layout but I kept coming back to the groupings of four.  I liked the simplicity of four and how the individual elements didn’t get lost as they did in the five and six based groupings.  I also love the effect the negative space lends in the groupings of four.

Different Pie Chart Groupings

Different Pie Chart Groupings

Here is a shot of my design in a quilt block with my three coordinating colors:

Kaleidoscope Pie Block with Three Coordinating Colors

Kaleidoscope Pie Block with Three Coordinating Colors

I love the way the fabric is very geometric when viewed from close up and almost floral when viewed from far away.  For my color story I wanted something that was playful and bright so I chose the deep orange and chartreuse.  I also wanted some more subtle, elegant hues such as the khakis and blue-greys.

Thanks for stopping by to check out my second fabric!  I don’t think I’ve ever had so much fun designing something- EVER!

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5 comments on “Design Challenge Two: Jessica Majers

  1. Very creative theme and beautiful colors! It does look floral — and very happy! I can feel how relieved you were to get your finances in order. ; )

  2. Clever design Jessica! I really love the colors in your pattern! Your quilt block is wonderful!

  3. Good eye on trends–pie charts are just starting to show up in the scrapbooking world–and trends always interconnect with all the creative fields. Nice job fussy cutting your fabrics in your quilt block.

  4. Love the pie chart idea; It was interesting reading about the story of your design too and I think the quilt mock up looks fab!

  5. Matt Melvinson on said:

    Great colors! The simplicity and boldness would make this an interesting element in one of my upcoming quilts.

    Love your stuff, you are one bad color wrangler!

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