Design Challenge Three: Taylour Beadling

Design Challenge Three Entry

Taylour Beadling

I can’t believe it’s already the third design challenge. I feel incredibly lucky to have made it this far, and in such talented company! This was an interesting project, especially considering I just moved. I guess you could say that it gave me a good opportunity to admire the view from my new place.


The Window I chose actually leads onto a small balcony (my new drink-a-cup-of-coffee-and-relax-spot). I decided to take the photo viewing through the railings of the balcony, because they’re rather old and very interesting (I think my building dates to the mid 1800′s).


I was very inspired by the work put into the details of the railing, using them for the bulk of my design. I opted to continue my method from the last challenge and abstracted forms that I saw in the photograph, the main focal point being the small fleur-de-lis ornaments. The background of my design is drawn from the verticality of the railing’s bars and the shapes created by the bark and leaves of the tree beyond the balcony.


I found that my design looked very digital. This may have something to do with working digitally or listening to the Tron: Legacy soundtrack while I work (mostly the Tron music, probably). I actually really like the contrast between the source material, being classic and organic, and the end product being almost cold and sterile. The fleur-de-lis in my design even looks a little like a Space Invaders style spaceship.


I hope you enjoyed my pattern as much as I enjoyed creating it. Thanks for reading!


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3 comments on “Design Challenge Three: Taylour Beadling

  1. I love to see your distinctively male point of view! I think this fabric would make a great men’s button-down, or a wonderful dress!

  2. At first this design was semi-alienish to me–but the more I studied it–I could so use it in a quilt for men.

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