Design Challenge One: Taylour Beadling


avatar_thumbWanderlust! Exciting, adventurous, possibly crazy; these are things I associate with wanderlust and an adventurous spirit. I was considering who I really thought of when it comes to a spirit of adventure, and I think I have to give it to sailors and people who have the shear bravery to tackle the ocean. I mean, it’s horrifying. There are totally monsters out there that can eat you.

It’s unfathomable, especially now, to think about people not knowing what they might encounter when venturing from port. Finding a new world really was finding a new world, something you’d never even dreamed existed.


coordinatesI was influenced by Chinese painting and illustration in my design. I love the representation of nature and the design of Chinese sailboats. I can safely say that it was one of the most challenging patterns for me to date. Creating a nice rhythm in the waves while making a repeat pattern was a really interesting and fun exercise.

Thank you for reading, I really enjoyed creating this pattern! I’m very excited for what’s next to come in this pattern based adventure.


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11 comments on “Design Challenge One: Taylour Beadling

  1. What a FANTASTIC design!the minute I saw it, I was taken to a magic and ancient imaginary world where what was out there was unknown (and I hadn’t read your description). I really LOVE the rhythm you achieved with the waves. The design has a great modern look yet with the magic feel of Chinese drawings. Great work :)

  2. Janel Maske on said:

    I love your curling waves! Very nice design. :)

  3. historical, wavy, such a unique take on wanderlust! read about Shackleton if you don’t know of him already… the kind of explorer i think you’re talking about. really love this pattern. you could add a monster peeking up in one of the coordinates!

  4. Holly Helgeson on said:

    I was really drawn to your pattern! Possibly because I have 2 boys that love boats and sea adventures. Possibly because I just really love the movement and design! You created a beautiful design! Your waves are magnificent and it makes a person wonder what kind of a new world the ships will sail to. :)

  5. I love your color choices and the detail, yet simplicity, or your little curing waves! Great job!

  6. Alice Murphy on said:

    I love the sense of movement that you’ve managed to create with the boats. I can feel them rocking about on the water. Great colours too!

  7. Jessica Majers on said:

    This fabric is adorable. So much movement. I think this would look great on fabric and as well as household products!

  8. Really love the wave pattern and your design style too.

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