Design Challenge One: Leah Sorensen-Hayes

Leah Sorensen-Hayes’ Tiny Dwellings…

leah sorenson-hayes, the printed bolt, repeat, tiny dwellings, lesotho fabric

Design One: Lesotho

leah sorensen-hayes, the printed bolt, repeat, basotho fabric, tiny dwellings

Design Two: Basotho

I’m a sucker for a thatched roof, so my “Tiny Dwelling” designs zero in on the rondavels–one room, circular huts with conical, thatched roofs–of the Basotho people of Lesotho, South Africa.  Some of the huts are painted with bright colors, some are etched, some are simple, doorless, rock structures.  The landscape is alpine with amazing foliage, like agave the size of trees.  The images were based in part on the beautiful photographs of Di Jones from the Malealea Lodge and Pony Trek Center in Lesotho.  I’m ready to visit!

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One comment on “Design Challenge One: Leah Sorensen-Hayes

  1. Anne Moore on said:

    I love these village-scapes! The scenes are simple and yet there is a lot going on. I could just sit and look at these fabrics for hours and imagine all sorts of stories about the goings-on in the villages!

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