Design Challenge One: Krissy Callahan

Krissy Callahan’s Tiny Dwellings…

Krissy Callahan, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, shoe fabric, Honey I shrunk the kids, ants fabric

Design One: Shoeville

Krissy Callahan, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, little house, tiny houses, tiny dwellings, block party

Design Two : Block Party

I couldn’t love this challenge more! Tiny dwellings are a small obsession of mine. They are my go-to doodle; my note books are full of tiny, boxy houses. I even have a tiny house design I screenprint in my studio, which was one of my inspirations for this submission. I’ve always wanted to finesse the look and make these houses into a row structure inspired by summer, city living with a bright palate on a tiny scale. Using my hand illustrations and Adobe Illustrator, I created my Block Party design. (And with the weather being such a champ these last few days here in Chicago, I feel a tiny block party coming on any minute!)

Inspired by this lovely weather (I am talking sunburns, people!) I created my other submission, Shoeville. When I thought, tiny dwelling, I wanted to go small, like super small, like Honey I Shrunk the Kids small. So I created this sibling team, Elliot and Elizabeth, who live in their humble, high-top abode and befriend their neighbors the ant, bee, ladybug and snail.  When E & E aren’t busy entertaining critters outside, they keep themselves occupied remodeling the kitchen (it’s a little outdated) and with their booming shadow puppet business.

I hope you enjoy Block Party and Shoeville!  And thanks, TPB! This was such a fun challenge.


p.s. If you want to check out more screen printed designs you can check out facebook or

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3 comments on “Design Challenge One: Krissy Callahan

  1. Krishna on said:

    I really like Block Party!

  2. Tommy on said:

    Love Block Party! It makes me want to visit Chi town right now. Great job Krissy, we can’t wait to see more from you!

  3. I just love the concept behind the shoeville print. It ties together so many different ideas! (get it…ties??) The detail of the bug pets pulls in people who were still waiting for something to relate to. (Those of us who remember high top converse were already hooked.) The creation of a back story makes the pattern mean more than just something you can make curtains out of, giving the buyer a sentimental connection to the print. I want this in my nursery, on a pillow or a blanket so E and E can keep my baby company.

    It is obvious much time and effort went into the creation and execution of this design. I hope it does not go unnoticed.

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