Design Challenge One: Krishna Chavda

Krishna Chavda’s Tiny Dwellings…

Krishna Chavda, rv fabric, quilting fabric, Little RV on the Prarie

Design One: Little RV on the Prairie

Krishna Chavda, No Shell Like Home, quilting fabric, blue fabric, fish fabric, underwater fabric, the printed bolt

Design Two: No Shell Like Home

Krishna ChavdaI started off this first challenge thinking about nomadic homes, which tend to be tiny dwellings, from there I came up with mobile homes as the theme to my designs.  The first design, Little RV on the Prairie, features various kinds of man-made mobile homes such as Winnebagos and streamliners in a trailer park.  The second design, No Shell Like Home, is aquatic mobile homes; I picked five creatures that move about with their “homes,” like the hermit crab and nautilus.   Since the two designs are related and it is springtime, I wanted to use bright colors and coordinate them so they may be used together.

I like to look through various illustration annuals like 3×3 and Communication Arts before I get started on a project.  For more textile related inspiration I peruse the True Up blog, and the book Vera: The Art and Life of an Icon.  Sometimes I just browse the websites of some of my favourite illustrators, Veronica Lawlor, Andrea Turvey, and Oliver Jeffers to name a few.  I do a lot of drawing from life and those sketchbook drawings often give me ideas for full illustrations or patterns.

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4 comments on “Design Challenge One: Krishna Chavda

  1. Aditi on said:

    Love these designs. What a great idea to have sea creatures who carry their own homes around with them everywhere! I would absolutely add these fabrics to my stash! Good luck!

  2. Great job, Krishna! Now if you’d ever visited Somalia, you’d have included an “aqal”, the dome-shaped Somali dwelling that travels with every nomadic family on camelback in completely-knocked-down (CKD) condition, to be re-erected nightly by the women in the family…
    Love your designs!

  3. Vibha Shah on said:

    Krishna I am facinated by your choice of color scheme as a back ground of bright color in your paintings and then identifying your theme objects with the use of bright colors.
    It reflects your keen observations in given surrounding and your exellent sense of reproducing the appropriate objects in your paintings. Good Luck.

  4. Jyoti Parikh on said:

    WOW! very creative! Jyotimasi

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