Design Challenge One: Kim Andersson

Kim Andersson’s Folkloric Stitches…

Folkloric Stitches 12x12

Folkloric Stitches 12×12

Folkloric Stitches Detail 6x6

Folkloric Stitches Detail 6×6

Folkloric Stitches 15x17 (Showing Repeat)

Folkloric Stitches 15×17 (Showing Repeat)

Folkloric Stitches Solid Co-ordinates

Folkloric Stitches Solid Co-ordinates


Kim Andersson

Wanderlust. What a wonderful theme!

One pattern. Oh the pressure!

While varying ideas popped up in my mind with this theme challenge, I decided to go with one close to my heart and very much on my mind recently. At Andersson HQ we are planning a trip to Europe during the Summer break. Europe! I haven’t been to Europe for 20 years so it will be great to explore it again.

Wanderlust to me is exploring new places and experiences. Half the fun is in the planning, mapping and research. In this way it’s very much like exploring a new design.

Katja’s Folkolgy Pinterest Board

Katja’s Folkolgy Pinterest Board

Thinking about exploring Europe I couldn’t help but envisage folk pattern. I love Folk pattern, it’s whimsy and naiveté are so uplifting.  It’s good to see Folk pattern and design coming back into popularity. Doing a search on Pinterest makes for some wonderful sights! (Explore here).



Gorgeous Embroidery Sampler by Rebecca Ringquist

Gorgeous Embroidery Sampler by Rebecca Ringquist

Some other exploration I’ve done recently happened while taking a class in embroidery, taught by the wonderful Rebecca Ringquist. I had a ball trying out many different embroidery stitches: French Knots, Cross Stitch, Running Stitch….



Folkloric Stitches in Hexys!

Folkloric Stitches in Hexys!

Blending these two ideas led to the fruition of my Challenge One design, Folkloric Stitches. Combining folksy flowers with some feathery leaves, some buds and birds you have my take on folkology. Stitch Style!

I chose a palette that is light and fresh, one that makes me smile. Because of the small scale of the stitches I made my motifs larger in size, that  way you get to enjoy all the stitchy goodness.

While going through this design process, I remembered a comment that talented quilt designer, Sandy  Klop made recently, she mentioned that when she is putting together a collection. She will cut up her designs into different arrangements, to see how they sit with each other. Brilliant!

I know this is just one design and three solids, but I couldn’t resist seeing what would happen when they are cut-up into hexys and rearranged.

I love it! I hope you do too.

If you’ll excuse me I have some hexys to sew : )



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27 comments on “Design Challenge One: Kim Andersson

  1. What a GORGEOUS design Kim!!!
    I love all about it: the embroidery effect, the fresh color palette, the motifs, the folky vibe… JUST WONDERFUL!
    And it seems like it would make a beautiful hexy quilt :)

  2. “…all the stitchy goodness.” I hope you don’t mind if I adopt this as my new go-to feel-good phrase.

  3. Gorgeous design. Makes me want to go stitch for the rest of my life… Very pretty!

  4. Looks beautiful Kim. Kx

  5. Rebecca on said:

    Just gorgeous Kim! Love this design!

  6. One BIG wow from me!

  7. Stunning, love the detailing and colors you chose! Bravo!

  8. Kim, what a fabulous pattern. I love embroidery, but beyond that I thought your motifs in and of themselves were gorgeous!

  9. gorgeous flowers, Kim! i love how much you were inspired by your recent stitch workshop and yes, the colors are happy! hope to see this quilt in person some day!

  10. Love, love, love! It’s a happy, wonderful design! Way to go!

  11. Holly Helgeson on said:

    I love your design and all the beautiful stitchy goodness!! Your color palette really makes your design sing! It is wonderful to see how your were inspired by Folk pattern and embroidery!

  12. So totally love everything about this… from the colors to the inspiration! Having lived in Estonia for over 2 years, I was very much near to and influenced by Scandinavian culture and design. So pretty!

  13. So fantastic interpreting your motifs with embroidery stitches–love your color palette too!

  14. This is lovely! I love the embroidery effect! It reminds me of pointillism. From a distance, it’s a beautiful pattern, but upon closer inspection all the small elements create great movement throughout the piece.

  15. Kim, I think you did such a fantastic job translating your inspiration into a print that feels fresh and innovative!

  16. Alice Murphy on said:

    I just adore this Kim, the kind of pattern that makes you smile at first glance. Wonderful work!

  17. Jessica Majers on said:

    This Fabric is stunning! I especially love the embroidery theme- not to mention those fantastic colors!

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