Design Challenge One: Jessica Pollak

Jessica Pollak’s Tiny Dwellings…

Tulip Hill fabric, dutch fabric, windmill fabric, bicycle fabric, horse fabric, my little pony fabric, the printed bolt, repeat, Jessica Pollak

Design One: Tulip Hill

fish fabric, quilting fabric, Jessica Pollak, submarine fabric, underwater fabric, the printed bolt, repeat 2012

Design Two: Fishes

Jessica Pollak, textile designerI had so much fun creating my “Tiny Dwelling” prints and thinking about the lives of the people who would live in these spaces. In Rhode Island we have a lot of old factories, banks and mills that have been converted to studios, offices and dwellings. I loved the idea of living in an old windmill and I wanted to make a print that created a fun narrative about the inhabitants without showing them. For my submarine print I was thinking a lot about this deep sea environment. It must be equally strange and wonderful to look outside your window and see these fish, nautilus and squid swimming by!

spoonflower color swatch, color chart, the printed boltGathering inspiration and reference is always a big part of my process. I started by looking through Pinterest and then made a visit to the RISD Library. (Which used to be an old bank.) They have a huge selection of art and design books, one of the many perks of sticking around Providence. Next I started experimenting with different color palettes. On my computer I have a whole folder of color palettes, mostly from sites like Color Collective. I use this as a jumping off point and continue to mix and match colors until the pattern feels balanced.

Windmill, windmill bookWell I’ve just finished up my patterns. I can’t wait to see what all of the other designers come up with and what the judges think! Thanks for a fun assignment and I hope to do it again next month!

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2 comments on “Design Challenge One: Jessica Pollak

  1. How would I go about getting some of the submarine fabric?

    • The Printed Bolt on said:

      Hi Stephanie,
      All of the Tiny Dwellings fabric is for sale in our spoonflower shop (click the shop/repeat button on our home page) and soon the Industrial Revolution fabric will be available too!

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