Design Challenge One: Emelia Haglund

Emelia Haglund’s Tiny Dwellings…

Emelia Haglund, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, bird fabric, put a bird on it, nest fabric

Design One: Polka Nests

Anemone fabric, Emelia Haglund, The Printed Bolt, Repeat, Sea fabric, tiny dwellings

Design Two: Anemone

This first challenge came along so fast that I was at a loss. Wisconsin has been so unseasonably warm (record highs for days on end) that it has forced all the bulbs, and my grumpy winter demeanor, into bloom. Alas, I was helpless against the chirp-chirp-chirping birds pecking their pointy beaks into my brain and, as a result, this month’s tiny dwellings followed my sunny mood. The robins are collecting grass, and the hair from my backyard trim, to weave into their tiny abodes. In considering the eggs they will soon lay, I realized that those too are cozy, and delicious, dwellings. So, I set about designing a print cheerily dotted with nests and their charges.

I’m glad I worked when I did because now that spring has settled in, so has the pollen. I got caught up in the moment and slept with the windows open, only to realize that breathing really isn’t overrated, and I quickly forgot the glamor of the season.

For my second print, I considered homes without barriers. Anemonefish live under the protection of the anemone, immune to its stings, yet free to swim about. It’s a sweet symbiotic story, really.  Plus, anemone are completely neat, so I’d been looking for a place to use them. I should mention that the fish aren’t particularly unhappy, that is just their natural countenance. (I only mention this because only two people saw me working on this, and they both expressed concern.) The aquatic homes also provide a nice contrast to the skyward nests in color and altitude.

I drew and painted these both by hand and scanned them in for repeat. I enjoy both the hand-rendered look and the closeness to the process. I think the watercolors give it a great, loose texture.

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3 comments on “Design Challenge One: Emelia Haglund

  1. Thom Christenson on said:

    pretty cool Em

  2. Deb Spencley on said:

    Love the little nests. Such detail and the colors are vivid yet comforting. Easy to design around. And yes, that one fish does looks alittle cranky but he gets to swim around in the Caribbean Reef all day. That can’t be too stressful.

  3. Sharon Frank on said:

    I love both designs! I have quilts in mind for both of them already!!

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