Design Challenge Four: Krishna Chavda

Primary Pattern - Damsels & Dragons - 12"x12"

Primary Pattern - Damsels & Dragons - Detail

Secondary Pattern - Lattice/Blue - 12"x12"

Secondary Pattern - Lattice/Green - Detail

Secondary Pattern - Lattice/Yellow - Detail

The fourth challenge was, well, a bit of a challenge for me because the topic “Up In The Air” had so many possibilities I was having a hard time figuring out what I wanted to do.  I originally was thinking of doing something with birds, that switched to hot air balloons and zeppelins, which turned into a more science idea revolving around the molecular structure of helium and hydrogen (both used to fuel balloons and zeppelins; helium is now used instead of hydrogen because it is inert therefore not flammable).  Somehow from balloons I ended up at flies and mosquitos, which led me to damselflies and dragonflies.  Damsel and dragonflies are similar looking insects, major differences are thickness of their bodies, shapes of their wings, and how the wings are positioned while not in flight.  As I did my research, I fell in love with the iridescent colors of their bodies and the lattice-look of their long wings.

After looking at a large number of pictures to find the most appealing body structure and posture of the flies, I started drawing out various to see where the creativity would take me.

After scanning in the drawings, I played around with various placements and repeats, settling for a half-drop for my primary print, Damsels & Dragons.  I drew one dragonfly with a pair of intricate wings, which ended up being the focus of my secondary print, Lattice.  The color palette was inspired by the insects’ coloring of mostly greens and blues with some earthy, warm tones.  While it was a indecisive beginning, once I settled on a topic, the challenge was smooth sailing…mostly ;)

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One comment on “Design Challenge Four: Krishna Chavda

  1. Fun! The lattice print has a lot of possibilities, I really like the first colorway of it.

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