Design Challenge Four: Alice Murphy


Feature Print – 10″ x 10″


Supporting print – 10″ x 10″


Feature print – Detail


Supporting print – Detail

alice2-300x300Whoa second last challenge and I’m still hanging around? I’m not entirely sure how that happened but I’ll go with it.

Congratulations must go to Kim for another brilliant floral and taking out the judging and readers choice in round three!

Onto challenge four! At first I was really excited by this challenge because I love to tell personal stories using print, but when it came time to pick a time and place I panicked and couldn’t decide. I’m the kind of person who is easily overwhelmed by choice, if you turned up at my door with a Tardis and told me I could go anywhere in time and place I wouldn’t be able to decide. Setting extra parameters helps me get over the stumbling block so I decided pick the the time and place I’d rather be at this very point in time.


This was a much easier decision. I’d go back to last summer and the most magical day at the beach ever! I’ve been holidaying this beach on the northern new south wales coast with my in-laws every summer for the past eight or so years, always hearing stories about perfect days but never experiencing one myself. It is a wonderful holiday spot even when the water is muddy and the weather is overcast but I didn’t understand why people kept going back year on year until I experienced it myself. Snorkling when the water is clear and seeing all the fish is something else entirely.

I am a rubbish fisherman (excuse me while I get the terminology all wrong) and this is the only place I’ve ever managed to catch an edible fish. Not only one fish but on occasion I’ve caught 5 or so on a single cast using only bread as bait, then we use those fish as bait to catch delicious crabs from the same water! The best thing is that once you catch something all these knowledgable people appear out of nowhere to help you identify and prepare it if it is good for eating.

I don’t think you are really supposed to take shells from beaches in Australia but I can’t help myself. I especially love sifting through all the tiny little shells looking for perfect or unusual specimens. My latest discovery has been shiva eye shells which aren’t technically shells but shell lids that are used by some molluscs to secure their little homes. Of course I had to try to incorporate them into the print.


Thanks once again to Ellen and Madeleine for another great challenge!

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3 comments on “Design Challenge Four: Alice Murphy

  1. Rebecca on said:

    Lovely bold prints Alice and beautiful colour palette too :)

  2. I love how you incorporate your watercolor textures Alice!
    Wonderful prints, lovely palette!

  3. This is beautiful. I could see you concept and tell what the print was about without reading any of your process, which is very impressive!

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