Design Challenge Five: Krissy Callahan

Primary Pattern: Put Your Head on my Shoulder, 12″ x 12″

Primary Pattern: Put Your Head on my Shoulder, Detail

Secondary Pattern: Rockin Robin, 12″ x 12″

Secondary Pattern: Rockin Robbin, Detail

This was an excellent challenge!  For my flea market inspiration I reflected on my own (and one of my very favorite) experiences trolling through a vintage flea market in Paris.

This was something we stumbled upon and were delighted to find rows and rows of pop up booths selling the most amazing vintage treasures from all over. As we wandered through the stalls, manned by stripey, smokey French men, us pretending to speak French by greeting them with “Bonjour!”, the highlight of the booths for me was anything mid-century. I adore the shapes, lines, colors and sense of humor that comes from the 50s, and hope to some day have a home that looks like a set from Mad Men.

With that said, I created my main print, Put Your Head On My Shoulder. It’s inspired by all things mid century that I have had the pleasure to purchase and/or stumble upon and covet.  My secondary print, Rockin’ Robin, supports the lines, shapes and colors that I feel is reminiscent of the 50s.  I’ve included a super closeup of the initial illustration details from Put Your Head on My Shoulder as the scale is small.

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2 comments on “Design Challenge Five: Krissy Callahan

  1. Your designs are gorgeous Krissy! I am in love with mid century modern design and you have done an amazing job capturing the look and feel. Good luck in the competition!

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